Amazon Launches 3-Way Match Mobile App for Business Customers

Amazon Business has announced the launch of 3-Way Match on the Amazon Business mobile app, which is designed to help business customers improve their smart business-buying strategies and automate reporting.

The new 3-Way Match app is a quick and simple method to close purchase orders wherever they are and at any time, at no additional cost. It works by enabling account administrators and other approved buyers to use a mobile device to scan barcodes on packages when they arrive and automatically mark them as received.

Amazon 3-Way Match Mobile App

Amazon Business is approaching one million active users on its mobile app in the United States alone. These businesses of all sizes are able to use the app to digitize and automate procurement with a variety of powerful management controls and analytic tools.

The latest tool is now the 3-Way Match mobile app, which is a common accounting control that ensures purchase payments are received and complete.

Mobile App for Flexibility

A statement on the About Amazon website explained why the mobile device version of 3-Way Match is so important, saying: “Until now, it was cumbersome to use because it was only available on desktop or via handheld scanners. The mobile version adds the extra flexibility of being able to complete a 3-Way Match in real-time from anywhere.”

The Vice President of Technology at Amazon Business, Doug Gray, added: “Manual processes cannot be scaled efficiently, especially for large organizations. Integrating our 3-Way Match capability on the Amazon Business mobile app simplifies the process so customers can reconcile their purchases in seconds. At Amazon, we’re driven to find better ways for our customers to work, and our 3-Way Match mobile scan does just that.”

3-Way Match Protection

Accounts payable and procurement teams can use 3-Way Match to protect their organization from paying for incorrect invoices, as well as for items not yet received. It can also protect against fraudulent purchases.

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