Shopify Partner Program Updates Promise Higher Earnings

Shopify has announced a multi-year initiative to transform its Partner Program so participants can earn more while upskilling their abilities, as well as take part in new partner events.

New incentives provide partners with the opportunity to earn twice as much or more with multiple new ways to generate revenue. There is also a global certification program to help partners upskill and demonstrate their technical expertise, as well as new events and tools to help partners grow their network.

Shopify Partner Program Updates

The Shopify Partner Program consists of a diverse group of designers, developers, marketers and affiliates who use the Shopify platform. They can build ecommerce websites, themes and apps, as well as use tools to grow their business and generate ongoing monthly revenue.

Partners Add ‘Unparalleled Value’ to Shopify

The Chief Revenue Officer of Shopify, Bobby Morrison, described his excitement in a statement on the Shopify news website, saying: “Our partners are at the center of everything we do and add unparalleled value to Shopify and our merchants. That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about the commitment we’re making to include partners in every engagement and transform the partner experience. With this multi-year initiative, we’re helping our partners win more business and build for the long-term.”

One beneficiary of the Partner Program is Mary Krause, the Strategic Alliances Manager at digital commerce agency CQL, who said: “Shopify’s investment in its Partner Program opens up immediate opportunities for us to grow our business. The partnership team has focused on building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with us and truly listens and responds. The new rewards and incentives are a perfect example of them responding to the voice of their partners.”

Expanding Shopify Engagement

Partners will also be provided with new ways to engage with Shopify as the platform’s ecosystem is going to be reimagined. Virtual and in-person events will be expanded, plus there will be a special in-person event this fall to celebrate the top-performing commercial partners.

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