Wix Now Has Its Own AI Text Creator

Wix recently announced the launch of its AI Text Creator within the Wix Editor, which the company says provides users with the ability to generate high-quality and uniquely-tailored content for their websites.

The new feature will ‘significantly improve’ the quality of website content while simultaneously streamlining the website-building process. The AI Text Creator can be used to come up with creative titles or to personalize text and precisely formulate it for a website.

Solving the Content Creation Problem

Wix has built the AI Text Creator as they believe creating content to be a frequent problem users have when building their websites on the Wix platform. The idea is that the creator will provide Wix users with text that is ‘near-ready for use’.

Users will be prompted with questions that have been engineered to achieve the best results for their website’s content. By simply entering several inputs describing the desired content, the AI Text Creator will generate a selection of tailored titles, taglines and paragraphs within seconds.

AI to Produce ‘Unmatched Text Quality’

The Head of Wix Editor, as well as Chairman of the Wix Editor Platform and Wix Media, Oded Nachshon, said: “Our deep understanding of website content like the right text length, important information to highlight and the proper tone, paired with GPT-3, provides users with unmatched text quality, which is key to having a professional website. We look forward to continuing to utilize the latest AI technologies to optimize the website creation process for our users.”

The Power of GPT-3 Prose

As stated by Nachshon, the text-creation technology is powered by GPT-3, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3. It is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to generate text that appears to have been written by a human. GPT-3 receives some initial text as a prompt and then produces more text that continues on from the prompt.

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