Window Washing Tools – Your List for Starting a Business

A key reason behind the growing popularity of the window washing business is its relevance in both residential and commercial markets. Both home and business owners are keen to keep their glass surfaces clean, and that’s where window washing companies provide a real service.

Best Professional Window Washing Equipment and Tools

Driven by the growing demand for clean windows, a number of small players have entered this business. And that has made window cleaning a competitive space.

If you want to succeed in your glass cleaning business, you must ensure you have the right tools at your disposal. With the best glass cleaning tools, you will find it easier to bag new projects and increase income. Let’s take a closer look at all the tools you must have in place to start your own window-washing business.


Squeegee is a T-shaped equipment with a rubber blade. It’s one of the most important tools you are going to need to set up your window cleaning business. It will help you achieve a streak-free way to clean the dirt off the windows. Most high-quality squeegees come assembled in three pieces. These are channel, handle and rubber. You can replace the rubber when it wears itself out. The rubber is available in sizes 4-24 inches. Most glass cleaners prefer the ones in 14-18 inches.


When it comes to cleaning windows, you want your tool to clean efficiently and gently. That’s exactly what a scrubber does. A good scrubber will be able to hold up to 5 times more water than ordinary cloth for efficient cleaning.


Also known as window razors, scrapers are highly efficient in removing dust, dirt, dead insects, paint and construction debris from windows. For the smaller areas, you can go with a one-inch scraper. For the larger corners, scrapers of up to six inches are available. It’s worth noting that most scrapers come equipped with the option of blade replacement.


For high-up windows or multiple floors, you are going to need poles. It’s best to invest in extension poles that can help you access tight corners and difficult to reach places. When purchasing a pole make sure the extension handles lock tight so you can clean comfortably.

Holsters and Belts

As a window cleaning business owner, you are going to need a number of tools. To carry all your supplies, you are going to need a sturdy belt and holster. When you buy a holster, you must make sure it can carry spray bottles, dry towels, mop, squeegees, and steel wool. By wearing a belt with a holster, you’ll be able to access all your supplies easily. Moreover, it will help you ensure all your supplies are dry.


Some of the most basic tools you’re going to need to run your business are buckets. You should buy at least a couple of buckets so you can access clean water easily. Empty buckets will also come in handy when you want to keep dirt away from your supplies.


Brushes are useful when you want to achieve spotless cleaning. With the right brush, you’ll be able to clean efficiently without much effort. When choosing the best brush, make sure you look for features such as an ergonomic handle, durable bristles and ease of use.

Towels and Sponges

Two other basic tools that you are going to need on an everyday basis are towels and sponges. There are a number of options available, but the best ones are microfiber towels that can come in handy for different purposes.

Sponges are also an essential item on your list. They are efficient in removing dust stuck in gaps and window corners. Invest in a sponge that can hold excess water without ripping.

Soaps and Chemicals

You cannot complete any cleaning assignment without soaps and chemicals. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of options available here. But the best ones are good for cleaning and are soft on the skin. You will find many highly efficient soaps that easily dissolve dirt and grime, saving you time and effort.

Storage and Organization

Since you’ll work with a number of tools and supplies, storing them properly should also be a priority. You can use organizing tubs to store much of your dry supplies. You may also want to invest in mobile toolboxes that are easy to handle.

Window Washing Tool Technology

Thanks to innovation, cleaning windows has become a lot easier today. Technological advancement can help you achieve desired results without spending too much time or effort. Take pure water cleaning system, for example. Innovative technology can provide chemical-free cleaning by using deionization and reverse osmosis.


Every glass cleaner needs sturdy ladders for a host of reasons. While a good extension pole will help you reach difficult corners, you’re still going to need ladders from time to time. When investing in a ladder, make sure you buy a sturdy one.


Also referred to as the wand, a mop comes in two parts: T-bar and sleeve. With the right fiber and bristles, you are ready to tackle any cleaning assignment.

Tips for Achieving Clean Windows

Whether you want to clean patio doors or French windows, there are certain things you must keep in mind to achieve the best results. Let’s take a look at some tips that will come in handy.

Invest in the right window cleaning tools: To achieve the desired results, you must buy tools that can do the job for you. Apart from a good squeegee and scrubber, you should also have an effective cleaning solution at your disposal.
Get two scrubbers: One scrubber for each side of the window can make it easier for you to clean the windows with minimal effort and time.
Make your own cleaning solution: A simple yet economical way to clean windows is by making your own cleaning solution. You can mix kitchen dish cleaner with biodegradable soap to create your own product. You can also use vinegar to improve the cleaning effect.
Clean windows when it’s cloudy: During hot summers, your cleaner will dry out quickly before you get a chance to clean your windows properly. By cleaning windows on cloudy days, you’ll be able to minimize the glare on the glass.
Avoid spraying cleaner directly: When you’re sweeping the dirt off the window screen, use a small brush first. You may also use a small vacuum to suck up the dirt. By doing this, you will make sure there is no muddy dirt on the surface before you apply the cleaner.
Avoid using rags or papers to dry windows: Papers and rags may leave scratches on the surface. That’s why, it’s best if you use microfiber cloths to leave glass streak free.

Where to Buy Window Cleaning Tools

Once you have gathered a list of all the supplies you’re going to need, the next step is to buy the tools. For this, you have several options at your disposal. You can go online or pay a quick visit to a store. Let’s look at the options in detail.


This is your one-stop shop for all your cleaning supplies. You can find everything from paper towels and glass cleaner to rubber squeegee blades and microfiber cloths here.

Home Depot

Another option to consider is Home Depot. At Home Depot, you can get some of your supplies delivered right to your doorstep.


Walmart also provides a number of options when it comes to window cleaning tools. You can even shop at their online store and have your tools delivered.


If you’re looking to buy some used equipment that won’t cost a lot, you can try Alibaba. Here, you will find several options at cheaper prices.

What Do Professional Window Washers Use for Soap?

When it comes to the cleaning solution, most professional window washers go for dish soaps like Joy and Dawn to achieve the best results.

What Window Washer Tool Helps Clean Windows Too High to Reach?

To access tight corners and the high and difficult to reach places, you’re going to need ladders and extension poles.

What Is the Best Window Cleaning Tool?

The best window cleaner tool is a 2-in-1 microfiber scrubber and squeegee.

Can You Start a Successful Small Business Washing Windows?

There’s never going to be a time when house owners and businesses are going to be okay with dirty windows. To cater to this demand, a number of small businesses provide window cleaning services. By taking on the daunting task of keeping the toughest dirt off windows, you can set up a successful business.

Final Thoughts

Even as the demand for professional window cleaners continues to pick up, the number of businesses entering this market is increasing rapidly. As a window cleaner, you must therefore brace yourself for competition. To stand out from the rest, you need to have the right tools to do the job. You must also have the expertise and customer satisfaction to bag new contracts. The best way to achieve success is by taking on tasks where you can truly show your skill.


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