Why Businesses Increase Profits After Accepting a Scent Company’s Invitation to “Contact Us”

Most customers are aware that businesses use a variety of subtle methods to lure clients and make products or services seem more attractive. For instance, it is no surprise that almost everyone responds the same way to certain sounds and images, such as serene settings featuring rippling water. However, what is less well known is the fact that marketing campaigns may also use scents to influence clients. That is why large and small businesses are increasingly using the “contact us” option on sites like aromatechsystems.com to research scent marketing.

Scent Can Affect Human Behavior

Professionals like those at Aromatech offer a range of products designed to use sensory perception as a business tool. Scientific research reveals that scent plays a part in 75{6e014dda0c895ee161fdbdf75b1cb657164e07c402f0e137ca95b9af2b55c4ee} of emotions and has a dramatic impact on memory. Unlike other systems, scent is directly tied to the part of the brain that drives perceptions, emotions, and memory. It also creates an impression very quickly. With that in mind, aroma specialists now offer businesses products that can be used to create moods and influence customers’ perceptions.

Clients Use Scent in Marketing Campaigns

Businesses are beginning to add scents to marketing plans to provide customers with a complete sensory experience. Marketing research shows that customers linger in scented areas 40{6e014dda0c895ee161fdbdf75b1cb657164e07c402f0e137ca95b9af2b55c4ee} more often than odor-free spaces. In one study, customers were 83{6e014dda0c895ee161fdbdf75b1cb657164e07c402f0e137ca95b9af2b55c4ee} more likely to buy a pair of high-end sports shoes when shopping in a scented space. A casino reported a 53{6e014dda0c895ee161fdbdf75b1cb657164e07c402f0e137ca95b9af2b55c4ee} profit increase in scented areas. The businesses that provide essential oils and aroma diffusers also consult with clients and design custom programs for them.

A Range of Businesses Rely on Scent

Scents used by businesses can range from soft and romantic to fresh and stimulating. There are holiday scents that put clients in a festive mood and earthy or floral aroma that create the feel of the outdoors. Many types of businesses are now influencing customers using a variety of aromas that they may rotate. Car dealers actually spray the “new car smell” in autos to attract buyers. Other companies that use scent include hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and dozens of retailers.

It is becoming very common for businesses to include professionally planned scent programs in their marketing campaigns. They use the power of scent to influence clients’ memories and emotions, which can make products and services more attractive to them.