Verizon Connect Launches Equipment Asset Tracker for Better Field Equipment Management

Verizon Connect has announced updates to its mobile workforce management platforms, providing businesses in the US and Canada with enhanced tools to monitor and manage their field equipment.

The new Equipment Asset Tracker (EAT) allows businesses to connect and track their assets in a centralized and user-friendly way, offering better insights into equipment data such as location, status, and health.

This helps improve operational efficiency and reduce theft and downtime for valuable machinery.

The EAT device is available in both wired and battery-powered versions for different types of equipment, offering features such as discreet installation, various ping configurations, self-installation, extended battery life, and LTE capability.

The platform also supports AEMP 2.0 telematics integration for heavy-duty equipment from OEMs like John Deere, providing businesses with valuable KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions about their equipment fleets.

This can help lower fuel costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and increase asset utilization.

With these updates, Verizon Connect aims to help small business owners make faster and better decisions in managing their equipment operations, streamlining their processes and ultimately improving productivity and efficiency.

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