Trellus Local Delivery Grants Available in New York

New small business grants have been launched by Trellus Same-Day Local Delivery to help businesses in Long Island reach more customers and grow their revenue.

Trellus Local Delivery Grants Available in New York

The Trellus Local Delivery Grant is funded by Trellus’ own Grand Prize victory in the 1010 WINS Small Business $10K Challenge, which was sponsored by Dime Community Bank. Trellus always intended to share the prize money with their local business community if they won, with this vision helping them secure the votes of the panel of independent judges.

Trellus are now opening the application process to choose 20 small businesses in need of delivery services. Each eligible company will receive $500 to cover their Trellus subscription and delivery costs.

Which Businesses are Eligible for Trellus Grants?

Small businesses eligible for a Trellus Local Delivery Grant include brick-and-mortar retailers, professional services, and home-based businesses. Trellus has also made a point of encouraging businesses with a strong community focus to apply, especially any small businesses owned by women, BIPOC, and military veterans.

Serving small businesses has always been a big part of the Trellus company ethos, with the local delivery firm exclusively serving them for the past two years. While only a 16-employee startup themselves, Trellus currently works with over 300 small businesses and over 80 gig drivers who deliver all across Long Island seven days a week.

The co-founder and CTO of Trellus, JR Jensen, said: “Small businesses deserve a win against the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce giants. Trellus is breaking down barriers to help independently owned-businesses survive. We’re thrilled to share this $10,000 with independent businesses on Long Island that are driving local economic growth and breathing life into our downtowns.”

How to apply for a Trellus Local Delivery Grant

Eligible small businesses can apply for a Trellus Local Delivery Grant at the Trellus Programs website. The application window will remain open until February 14, 2023, although applicants should submit their application as soon as possible as the Trellus team will begin contacting applicants from the beginning of February.

Business owners interested in applying should be aware that Trellus does have several restrictions on the items they can deliver. For example, they cannot deliver hot, prepared, or cooked food, nor any items over 50 lbs or anything that is larger than 36” x 36” x 36”. They also do not transport live animals, hazardous or dangerous materials, or combustible, flammable, or dangerous goods.

As well as no illicit or illegal products, Trellus also doesn’t transport any tobacco or tobacco products, nor any vape products of any kind.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Trellus Grants

Any business wanting to offer fast, affordable delivery to their customers will find the Trellus grant and subsequent local delivery services an excellent way to compete against e-commerce giants.

Businesses across Long Island can use Trellus to drive revenue as they don’t take a portion of the sale. Businesses using Trellus also have the choice to absorb the delivery cost per package or to pass those costs on to the customer.

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