TikTok Introduces Effect House Branded Effects for Enhanced Brand Storytelling

TikTok is introducing Effect House Branded Effects, a novel solution that enables brands to work directly with TikTok effect creators for the development of custom Branded Effects. The goal is to empower brands to expand their creative possibilities and tell more engaging stories on the platform.

Branded Effects are custom effects sponsored by brands, featuring highly customized branded elements, calls-to-action, and custom audience targeting to suit specific campaign needs. Through Effect House, brands can work with top effect creators who already create highly popular effects on TikTok’s effect creation platform.

Branded Effects offer brands more control over key performance features compared to Community Effects. They allow brands to boost their content to a wider audience with paid branding traffic solutions, manage brand-safe pinned videos on the effect detail page, and place their effects in premium placements on the trending tab of the effect panel.

Since the Effect House beta launch, TikTok’s global community of effect creators has demonstrated immense creativity, shaping trends and inspiring expression. By collaborating with top Effect House creators, brands can harness the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community to increase connection, engagement, and conversion.

TikTok enables brands to become innovative storytellers and engage more effectively with customers.

Effect House Branded Effects can be combined with Branded Mission, In-feed ads, Top View ads, or any standard ad formats. To create a Branded Effect, brands can fill out an interest form or contact their TikTok account representative to book a campaign.

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