The Best Postal Scales for Your Business

Incorporating a postal scale into your small business operations is essential for efficient and cost-effective shipping management. Accurate weighing of packages helps to prevent overpaying for postage, minimizes shipping delays, and maintains customer satisfaction.

Let’s explore the various types of postal scales and their features to find the right scale to match your unique business needs. Discover how the right postal scale can streamline your shipping process and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Importance of postal scales in businesses

A postal scale plays a vital role in shipping by accurately measuring weight, ensuring the correct labels are applied, and preventing overcharges. Investing in a reliable scale streamlines the shipping process, saves money on postage, and helps maintain customer satisfaction by avoiding delays due to weight discrepancies.

Factors to consider when choosing a postal scale

When selecting a postal scale, consider factors such as weight maximum capacity, accuracy, ease of use, battery life, and durability. Additionally, look for features like an lcd display, tare function, and connectivity to digital shipping software. It’s essential to choose a scale that aligns with your business’s specific needs and volume.

Types of Postal Scales

There are two main types of postal scales: mechanical and digital. Mechanical scales use a spring mechanism to measure weight and typically have a straightforward design. Digital scales, on the other hand, utilize electronic sensors for precise weight measurements and often feature advanced functionalities, such as integration with shipping software or easy-to-read displays.

Mechanical Postal Scales

Mechanical postal scales operate using a spring mechanism to measure weight.
Mechanical postal scales offer portability, simplicity, and no need for a power source. However, they may be less accurate and harder to read compared to digital alternatives, and often lack advanced features.

Digital Postal Scales

Digital postal scales utilize electronic sensors to measure weight, offering higher accuracy and easy-to-read displays.
Digital postal scales often include advanced features, such as shipping software integration. However, they typically require a power source and may be more expensive and less durable than mechanical counterparts.

Key Features to Look for in a Postal Scale

Part of the process of picking the right postal scale for your business is knowing the key features of a postal scale and how they match your needs.

Weight Capacity

Postal scales come in various weight capacities, catering to diverse business needs.
Lower capacity scales (e.g., 10-25 lbs) suit small businesses with lightweight shipments, while higher capacities (e.g., 100-500 lbs) accommodate larger items and higher volumes. Choose a scale that aligns with your business’s shipping requirements.


Obviously, accurate readings on your scale are important to both you and your customers. It is essential to be accurate to avoid overcharging, ensure prompt delivery, etc.
To maintain accuracy, routinely calibrate your postal scale.


A durable scale withstands daily wear and tear, providing consistent, accurate measurements.
Postal scales made from stainless steel or high-quality plastics are ideal. Stainless steel is strong, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean, while good plastics provide a lightweight yet durable option.

Size and Portability

Consider the amount of available space you have. If you’ve got plenty of space and can house a large postage scale – great! If not, consider a smaller and/or portable model.

Power Source

Battery-operated postal scales offer portability and flexibility, ideal for businesses with changing workspaces or limited access to power outlets.
AC-powered scales provide a steady power supply, eliminating concerns about battery life. However, they require a nearby power source and may be less portable than battery-operated models.


Postal scales may feature analog or digital displays. Analog displays, often found in mechanical scales, use dials or pointers to indicate weight. Digital displays, commonly seen in electronic scales, present weight measurements on LCD or LED screens, providing clearer readings and additional information.

Tare Function

The tare function allows users to subtract the weight of a container, giving an accurate net weight of the item being shipped.
This is important to ensure precise postage calculations and avoid overcharges.


Connectivity and wireless options in digital postal scales allow seamless integration with shipping software and label printers.
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-enabled scales streamline the shipping process, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual data entry errors.

Postal Scale Choices for Your Business

Investing in a postage scale for your business can save time by eliminating trips to the post office, and ensuring your shipping costs and charges are always accurate. We looked through all of the postage scale options for sale on Amazon and picked the ten best for you to consider. Take a look at our selections below, weigh the options, and find the next time-saver for your small business!

Top 10 Shipping Scales for Your Business

Top Pick: ACCUTECK ShipPro Digital Shipping Postal Scale
Runner Up: Giantex Digital Scale Floor Platform Scale
Best Value: Fuzion Digital Shipping and Postal Scales


ACCUTECK ShipPro Digital Shipping Postal Scale

Top Pick: An extra-long cord and backlit LCD display make this shipping scale a great, portable option. It has a 110 lb. capacity and can be powered by batteries, a USB cable, or AC adapter

ACCUTECK ShipPro Digital Shipping Postal Scale

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Giantex Digital Scale Floor Platform Scale

Runner Up: Floor scales are a must for getting accurate shipping costs for parcels that are large and heavy. This Giantex shipping scale has a 660 maximum weight capacity and a foldable design, making it less obstructive than some other floor shipping scales.

Giantex Digital Scale Floor Platform Scale

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Fuzion Digital Shipping and Postal Scales

Best Value: Featuring an 86 lb weight limit and a compact stand that pulls up to 90 degrees vertically to hold irregular packages, Fuzion’s economic postage scales are ideal for small business use.

Fuzion Digital Shipping and Postal Scales

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Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Scale

This scale has a stainless steel platform, 440lb/200kg weight capacity, and a minimum reading of 6oz. It features tare weighing, a manual on/off switch and an LCD display.

Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Scale

Buy on Amazon


SellEton Floor Scale for Large Packages

Ideally suited for heavy-duty shipping use, this scale is capable of handling up to 2,500-pound loads within 0.5 lb accuracy. It is made from durable stainless steel and alloy.

SellEton Floor Scale for Large Packages

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Weighmax Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale

The extra large backlit LCD screen displays measurements in even the darkest environments. It has auto shutoff after 90 minutes and has a 90lb weight limit.

Weighmax Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale

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DYMO Digital Postal Scale/Shipping Scale

Conveniently connect to popular online mailing and shipping services via USB with the DYMO digital scale. It measures in 4 different units and has a hold function and a tare function.

DYMO Digital Postal Scale/Shipping Scale

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Portable Analog Postal Scale

This small manual scale is under $10. It can weigh up to 100 grams and is suitable for lighter objects.

Portable Analog Postal Scale

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Manual Postage Scale

Another analog shipping scale, this small hanging scale can weigh letters or tiny packages. It comes with a pouch for carrying on the go.

Manual Postage Scale

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Angel USA Heavy Duty Digital Postal Shipping Scale

This stainless steel shipping scale features an extra large weighing platform and a 400 lb limit. It also has an auto shut off, a tare function, and an LCD remote indicator, and can be powered by an ac adapter or 4 x AA batteries.

Angel USA Heavy Duty Digital Postal Shipping Scale

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Tips for Maintaining and Calibrating Your Postal Scale

Proper maintenance of your postal scale is important to ensure its longevity, accuracy, and optimal performance.

Cleaning and care

For both manual and digital postal scales, clean the weighing platform regularly, removing dust, debris, and any residue. Use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Store the scale in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, and inspect for wear or damage regularly.

Calibration process

To calibrate a manual postal scale, reset the indicator to zero, then, place a known-weight object on the scale and adjust the calibration screw until the correct weight is displayed. Most digital scales have a calibration button, which you push with a known-weight object on the scale, and the machine will self-calibrate.

Troubleshooting common issues

For manual scales, check the zero position and recalibrate if needed. Examine the spring for wear or damage, and ensure the platform moves freely.

For digital scales, verify the power source, and reset or recalibrate if displaying inaccurate weights.

For both, check for debris or obstructions on the weighing platform. Consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for further guidance in resolving specific issues

What is the best postal scale for a small business?

This depends entirely on the kind of items you ship. The best shipping scale for businesses that mail out mostly smaller packages will be quite different than the best shipping scales for merchants who deal with large items. Be sure to check the measurements and other features to get the best one for your needs.

How often should I calibrate my postage scale?

Ideally, you should calibrate your scale once a month or more frequently, depending on usage. If your scale experiences sudden changes in temperature, humidity, or is moved often, calibrating more frequently can help maintain accuracy.

Can I use a postal scale for weighing items other than packages?

Besides parcels and letters, postal scales can be used to weigh various items, such as ingredients for cooking, small packages for inventory management, or crafts materials. Ensure that the items fall within the scale’s weight capacity and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe and accurate use.

Are there any legal requirements for using a postal scale in my business?

While there are generally no legal requirements for owning a postal scale, certain countries or industries may require certified or approved scales for commercial use. Always check local laws and industry standards to confirm any specific requirements.

How can I get the most accurate weight readings from my postal scale?

To get the most accurate reading from your postal scale, follow these steps:

Place the scale on a flat, level surface.
Calibrate the scale regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Use the tare function to account for the container’s weight.
Avoid overloading the scale or exceeding its weight capacity.
Keep the scale clean and well-maintained to ensure optimal performance.


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