Snap Launches AR Enterprise Services for Immersive Shopping Experience

Snap Inc., a leader in augmented reality (AR) technology, has announced the introduction of AR Enterprise Services (ARES), a new business-to-business offering that enables companies to integrate Snap’s AR technology suite into their own apps, websites, and physical locations. This will transform the way businesses engage with customers and drive better results.

ARES’ initial offering, Shopping Suite, is available today and focuses on AR shopping for fashion, apparel, and accessories. The suite provides dedicated services and support for AR asset creation and robust technical implementation. Businesses can leverage enterprise tools to manage assets and integrations, measure performance analytics, and receive dedicated support. The Shopping Suite also allows integration of AR Try-On, Fit Finder, and interactive 3D Viewer technology into businesses’ apps and websites, offering shoppers accurate fit and sizing recommendations, and interactive product views in AR.

Over 300 customers are already using some combination of Shopping Suite features, with promising results reported from early adopters, including Goodr, Princess Polly, and Gobi Cashmere. These businesses have experienced uplifts in conversion rates, increased revenue per visitor, and reduced return rates by incorporating Snap’s AR technology.

Jill Popelka, who recently joined Snap as Head of AR Enterprise Services, is leading this venture and building a global team covering various aspects, including strategy, customer experience, sales, product, product marketing, customer support, and ecosystem development. Snap aims to transform the shopping experience for consumers worldwide with AR Enterprise Services, attracting more businesses to the benefits of AR technology.

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