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    Why Merchants Needs Amazon Product Reviews.

    People love buying from Amazon because of the product reviews. There are hundreds of honest testimonials not to forget complaints which help in making decisions for the seller as well as the buyer. Do not think that they are not important to you as a merchant. Since the introduction of online reviews customers are more reliant on them in deciding what to buy and who to buy from. These are a channel for feedback to you as the merchant so that you can tailor your services and product to meet the demands of the population for them to do business with you over and over again.When you acknowledge the importance of Amazon product reviews you will have a better understanding of the population you are targeting. Amazon is one of the largest online shopping sites and people all over the globe trust it when it comes to making purchases. More than 44 million people shop on Amazon and you can have access to all this population as long as you make sure you have product reviews on your products.

    Amazon will only allow people who have bought a certain product to do the reviews and this is great in that a lot of people will be writing about something they have actually experienced. In uncontrolled sites, there are people who will write positive or negative reviews depending on what they want to achieve. Because the consumers know that they will not come across fake reviews on Amazon, it is easy for them to trust what they read. Just to show how serious they are about defending the integrity of their reviews, the company is now prosecuting anyone found writing a fake review. Sellers who value integrity when it comes to business will not have any problem selling on Amazon because they have the assurance that the competitors will not be cutting corners in making people shop with them.

    It is not just any product that will sell on Amazon which is why new sellers have a difficult time establishing themselves on the platform. The fact that merchants can track the product reviews means they will know the things they are doing wrong and the products the consumers want so as to get them in large numbers. This information is free of charge and merchants can use it in making strategic placement or inventory decisions. Sellers can also use this data in creating new lines or products to address the existing gap in the market. The reviews touch on the product and not about the merchant which protects the merchants against online trolls which can have serious health and emotional effects.

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