Network Detection and Response Explained

It is essential to understand exactly what a Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution is, as it is one of the most vital elements in creating a successful cybersecurity strategy.

Network Detection and Response Explained

That’s why network security experts LiveAction teamed up with design agency Nowsourcing to produce an excellent infographic that explains exactly what NDR is and how it works.

Why NDR is So Important

Research conducted by LiveAction discovered that traditional security approaches are failing, with 79{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0} of organizations unable to detect threats hidden within encrypted traffic. Other stats gleamed from the research only add to the worry, with 80{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0} of network traffic now unable to be inspected with legacy tools.

Considering that detecting a breach can take an average of 287 days, the risk of a successful attack has never been higher. Now, with over 70{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0} of cyber-attackers able to destroy logs to cover their tracks, it is no wonder that cyberattacks are on the rise. In fact, there was a 1.5X increase in ransomware attacks between 2020 and 2021, and 236.1 million ransomware attacks in the first half of 2022 alone.

Also compare the 41{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0} of enterprises that say they don’t have a good understanding of how to detect and protect against attacks using encryption, to the 91.5{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0} of malware that arrives via encrypted traffic. This is a problem.

How NDR Protects Networks

By employing encrypted traffic analysis to detect malware on secured network sessions without decryption, NDR detects suspicious network traffic so an in-house or outsourced team can then quickly respond to any hidden threats. Standard NDR solutions include the ability to attribute malicious behavior to a specific IP address, while performing forensic analysis to determine how threats progressed.

LiveAction’s next gen NDR features the advanced ability to build a fingerprint of all assets and behavior patterns while monitoring for anomalous usage. It can also provide predictive threat intelligence and enriched findings with passive DNS.

It seems NDR is becoming more and more of a business necessity every day. Cyberattack methods are evolving, and network security systems need to keep up.

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