Market Your Business With These National Days In April 2023

If you’re looking to promote your small business this April, there are many holidays that may be relevant to your efforts. From April Fools Day to Earth Day, here’s a guide to the top observances and national days this month.

What National Days Occur in April?

Some popular national days in April include April Fools Day, Easter, Tax Day, and Earth Day. See a full list of April holidays below.

Why You Should Market Your Business in April

If you’re looking to step up your marketing efforts, here’s why April is the perfect time to start:

Take advantage of changing seasons: Spring can bring about more foot traffic and interest from potential customers.
Show some personality: April Fools’ Day is an ideal time to inject some fun and humor into your marketing.
Offer tax-related specials: Many consumers receive refunds, so you may offer specials for those looking to spend their extra cash.
Call attention to eco-friendly initiatives: Earth Day is an ideal time to show off your company’s environmental efforts.
Tie it into national holidays: There are plenty of other national holidays that may be relevant to your business; see the full list below.

National Days in April

If you want to tie your business promotions into national celebrations, here’s an extensive lis of April holidays to consider.

1st April – April Fool’s Day

Pretty much every business can use April Fool’s Day to post jokes, pranks, or other fun content online.

2nd April – World Autism Awareness Day

Call attention to charitable or awareness-raising efforts from your company, or share educational resources.

2nd April – Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Food businesses can use this holiday to share content related to this iconic sandwich.

3rd April – World Party Day

Party stores, decor brands, and venues may offer specials related to World Party Day.

4th April – International Carrot Day

Post recipes, offer specials, or share online content related to this vegetable.

5th April – Deep Dish Pizza Day

Pizzerias and other food businesses may offer specials on this item.

6th April – National Walking Day

Health brands can use this day to call attention to the value of walking, or host walk-related events.

7th April – World Health Day

Doctors’ offices, nutritionists, and other brands in the health industry can share various resources on this day.

7th April – National Beer Day

Bars, breweries, liquor stores and more can offer specials for World Beer Day.

7th April – No Housework Day

House cleaners, meal delivery services, and various other brands can offer specials aimed at making life easier on no housework day.

8th April – National Empanada Day

Restaurants and food carts that serve this dish may promote their offerings.

9th April – Easter

Various businesses may offer specials on candy, decor, party supplies, and Easter basket goodies leading up to this holiday.

11th April – National Pet Day

Pet brands can post online content, host photo contests, and offer specials related to this day.

13th April – International Plant Appreciation Day

Nurseries and any businesses selling plants and accessories can thrive on this day.

13th April – National Make Lunch Count Day

Grocery stores, restaurants, and food bloggers can create lunch specials or post recipes and online content surrounding lunch foods.

15th April – National Laundry Day

Laundromats and laundry services can use this day to promote their services.

15th April – Husband Appreciation Day

Promote products that could serve as gifts for Husband Appreciation Day.

18th April – Tax Day

Various businesses can offer specials for those looking to spend their tax refunds.

20th April – Chinese Language Day

Language apps, tutoring services, and businesses catering to the Chinese community can all post educational resources on Chinese Language Day.

21st April – National Kindergarten Day

Schools, tutors, and kids’ brands may offer tips or resources for families preparing for kindergarten.

22nd April – Earth Day

Offer eco-friendly resources or share company initiatives.

23rd April – World Laboratory Day

April 23 is World Laboratory Day, a perfect day for labs to call attention to their services.

24th April – National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Food brands can use this holiday to offer free samples or specials on this popular appetizer.

25th April – National DNA Day

Science-related companies may post educational content related to DNA.

26th April – International Guide Dog Day

Guide dog organizations can use this opportunity to raise awareness.

27th April- National Prime Rib Day

Restaurants and markets can offer specials on this popular item.

28th April – National Superhero Day

Bookstores, movie theaters, and toy stores may create displays, specials, or events surrounding popular heroes.

29th April – International Dance Day

Dance studios, event venues, and more can all benefit from this day. There is also a National Dance Day in September.

30th April – International Jazz Day

Jazz clubs and music shops can post content and resources related to Jazz.

National Weeks in April 23′ You Don’t Want to Miss

There are also several celebrations that take place throughout an entire week in April. See some top ones below.

10 – 16 April – National Wildlife Week

Zoos, conservation centers, and any business related to animals may call attention to wildlife initiatives this week.

16 – 22 April – National Volunteer Week

The third week in April is the perfect time for organizations to reward and recognize their volunteers.

16 – 22 April – National Coin Week

Coin appraisers and shops can host events or offer specials for collectors.

23 – 29 April – National Library Week

Libraries, authors, and reading programs can all post content related to libraries.

23 – 29 April – National Karaoke Week

Bars that offer karaoke can host special events and contests throughout the week.

Don’t Forget These April Monthly Holidays

There are also several national observances that take place throughout the entire month of April, including those listed below.

National Garden Month

Stores can offer specials on garden tools and supplies throughout the entire month.

Autism Awareness Month

Businesses and organizations can offer educational resources for families or share personal stories throughout April.

National Poetry Month

Poets, bookstores, and literary businesses may host poetry readings or offer online content.

Stress Awareness Month

Health-related businesses can create ongoing content campaigns with stress relief tips.

National Humour Month

Post jokes and bring personality to your business throughout April.

What Appreciation Days are in April?

National Husband Appreciation Day takes place on April 15.

What Should A Small Business Post On Social Media In April?

April is the perfect time for springtime content. You can also post about Easter, April Fools’ Day, Tax Day, and all the holidays listed above.

How Can You Promote Your Business In April Holidays?

Start by combing through the list of April holidays listed above to find those relevant to your business. Then create social media posts, email newsletters, signs, and promotions that tie your offerings into these celebrations.

What Date is Easter in 2023?

Easter falls on Sunday, April 9, 2023.

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