Instagram Creators Can Now Earn Money With Gifts

Instagram recently expanded the gifts feature so that more creators can earn money from their audience.

The expanded feature began testing in November last year, with followers able to show their appreciation to their favorite creators through direct monetary support. Now the eligibility criteria has been widened to enable more creators to benefit from the generosity of their followers.

Earn Money Through Instagram Gifts

Followers can purchase themed virtual gifts directly within the Instagram app using Stars. Once you have gifts purchased for you, Instagram then provides a revenue share from your reels that received gifts on a monthly basis.

To check if you meet the eligibility criteria, go to your Professional Dashboard on Instagram. If eligible, you will be able to turn on ‘Gifts’ under the ‘Your Tools’ tab.

Who Can See Your Reels?

 Businesses using Instagram to post reels and other content should ensure they understand how it works, with Meta providing plenty of information. For example, Meta explain who can see and share reels, saying: “For public accounts: Anyone on Instagram and Facebook can see and share your reels. People may see your reels on places such as the Reels tab and effect, hashtag and audio pages. Anyone on Instagram can record a reel using your original audio and remix your reel.

“For private accounts: Only your approved followers can see and share your reels. When someone shares your reel, only your followers will be able to see it. No one will be able to record a reel using your original audio.

“Bear in mind that reels you share will appear in the Reels section on your Instagram profile. Who can see your profile also depends on your account’s privacy settings.”

Tracking Engagement with Your Reels

You can track the impact of your reels in your Instagram profile, where the heart count represents the number of likes the reel received and the speech bubble represents how many comments it received. The angled arrow symbol represents how many people re-shared your reel in their own story or via direct message.

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