HVAC Tools – Your List for Starting a Business 

Selecting the right tools for HVAC is essential to setting up a successful business. That’s why it’s important you know where to start. As a first step, consider exploring a complete HVAC tools list that will help you get started.

How Much Can You Make with an HVAC Business?

With demand picking up again for HVAC industry, you can earn a decent amount of money by offering the right services. On average, HVAC technicians make between $35,000 and $75,000 a year.

5 Things HVAC Technicians Should Consider When Purchasing HVAC Tools

When setting up your business, you must do your research well. This is important for any HVAC technician given the increasing competition in this segment. It’s also important to understand the HVAC business properly so you know what you’re doing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you must keep in mind before you start buying equipment.

1. Consider your needs: Are you setting up a full-fledged HVAC business or will you focus on specific areas? It’s important to figure this out because this will determine the type of tools you are going to need. Many HVAC service techs do not have a lot of tools because they only use the ones that are specific to their work.

2. Consider the cost of the tools: As a small business owner, keeping costs under control is a top priority. That’s why it’s always important to look at the cost of every HVAC tool you are going to need. In case some of the tools seem too expensive, you can invest in used products that will not cost too much.

3. Consider how durable the tools are: As you prepare your HVAC tools list, you should also keep in mind that replacing tools every other year will not help you manage expenses. Look for tools that are more durable, especially the ones you’re going to use more often.

4. Consider how comfortable the tools are to use: As an HVAC technician, you are going to have a busy schedule. You will be working long hours and you’re going to need equipment that will make your work easier. So, do consider how comfortable your tools are before you buy them.

5. Consider whether or not you have access to repair or replacement parts if something goes wrong with the tool: Once you start getting projects, you’re going to rely more on your tools. And while you may choose to import some fancy tools that get the job done, you’re going to have a hard time finding replacement parts.

54 Must-Have HVAC Tools for Maintenance and Repair

There are certain things that will figure prominently on every HVAC technician tool list. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Advanced HVAC and Air Conditioning Equipment

Let’s start with the basics. There are certain regular tools that you are going to need almost on a daily basis. To be properly prepared for the job, you should include the air conditioning tools in your list. All HVAC businesses try to get the best HVAC tools, but your choice should be determined by your specific needs and budget.

1. Reciprocating saw

2. Vacuum pump

3. Refrigerant scale

4. Refrigerant recovery machine

5. Leak Detectors

6. Coil fin straightener

7. Thermometers

8. Flushing solvent

9. Nitrogen regulator

10. Thermal imaging device

11. Multimeter

12. Core Removal

13. Caulking Gun

HVAC Hand Tools

Every HVAC technician is dependent on hand tools to get the job done. Whether it’s a small project or a big assignment, hand tools will always be necessary. Let’s take a look at all the hand tools you’re going to need.

14. Staple gun

15. Valve core removal tool

16. Dripless caulking gun

This will come in handy when you need to fill holes and seal air ducts.

17. Wrenches

Service wrench
Pipe wrench
Crescent wrench
Adjusted wrench
Fixed wrench

18. Pliers

Needle nose pliers
Lineman’s pliers
Channel-lock pliers
Wire pliers

19. 25-foot tape measure

20. Lightweight hammer

21. Multi-purpose screwdriver

22. Wire strippers

23. Crimpers

24. Tin snips

Also known as aviators, these are available in left, right and straight options. You will need these to flatten sheet metal.

25. Nut drivers

26. Metal and tubing cutters

27. Pry bar

28. Crimpers

29. Gauges

30. Hang tongs

31. Awl

32. Duct knife

HVAC Power Tools

For the more advanced jobs, you are going to invest in power tools. This includes everything from cordless and electric to air and pneumatically-powered tools. Let’s explore some of the power tools you will use at the job site.

33. Drill

34. Reciprocating saw

35. Electrical testers

36. Sawzall

HVAC Calculation Tools

A big part of your job as an HVAC technician is to be precise in your work. For that, you need to invest in a few calculation tools. These tools will help you make exact measurements and figure out details such as relative humidity.

37. Manifold gauges

38. 25-foot tape measure

39. Psychrometer

40. Refrigerant scale

41. Hand seamers

HVAC Safety Tools and Essential PPE

Staying safe and protecting the health and safety of your employees is also an important aspect. Here are some protective HVAC technician tools.

42. Multimeter

A multimeter is used for testing voltage and the presence of electrical currents.

43. Safety glasses

44. Earplugs

45. Protective gloves

Although these are smaller tools, protective gloves are still important to help you protect yourself from cuts.

46. Insulated pliers

47. Goggles

48. Durable footwear

49. Masks

HVAC Supplies & Organizers

Keeping things organized is a great way to save time and effort. Luckily, as an HVAC technician, you can count on organizing tools to do the job for you.

50. Toolbag

51. Backpack

52. 2-wheel cart

53. Work belt

54. Crate

Other Tools HVAC Technicians Need to Win More Jobs

In addition to the tools mentioned earlier, you are going to need some other things to achieve success. Most new-age HVAC technicians use HVAC software tools to make their lives easier. Designed specifically for these professionals, the software tools help save time and minimize errors.

Some of these HVAC specialty tools include accounting software that help balance books, manage finances, and simplify expenses.

Final Thoughts

HVAC services are back in demand, so it’s a really good time to enter this space and gain success. But you need to have a clear strategy so you can maximize profits and bag new projects. Think about how you can differentiate yourself and win projects that pay well.

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