How to Sell on Poshmark: Your Complete Guide

If you’re looking for a new business opportunity and have an eye for fashion, becoming a Poshmark seller could be the right choice for you. Poshmark is an online platform where people can buy and sell clothing as well as other items, and it has a growing user base of people buying and selling new and gently used clothing.

If you’re interested in learning what money making apps like Poshmark are all about and how to sell on Poshmark and make money on your phone, this article is for you.

What is Poshmark?

In its most basic form, Poshmark is an app to sell clothes online and has a large user base.

Users can shop each other’s closets, make offers on items they like, or directly purchase items from other users. Poshmark takes a cut of each sale as part of its platform fees. Items under $15 have a flat-fee commission of $2.95. For items priced over $15, Poshmark takes a 20{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0} cut.

Poshmark also offers its own shipping options in partnership with USPS to make it easier for sellers to get their items to buyers as quickly as possible without worrying about shipping logistics.

How Does Poshmark Work?

Poshmark is an online marketplace, so people can freely buy and sell new and used clothing and accessories. Sellers can list items for sale in their ‘closet,’ and buyers can browse through the listings and purchase items. Poshmark takes a commission on all sales as part of Poshmark fees, and the remaining amount is available to sellers via direct deposit.

Buyers do not pay any fees, giving them the incentive to purchase more and enabling sellers to make money upcycling clothes. In addition, Poshmark has various features that make it an excellent platform for anyone looking to make money by reselling items.

Can you make money on Poshmark?

Yes, you can make money on Poshmark. It currently is home to 80m Poshmark users and over 200m listings on the app. Between its large user base, and online marketplace features, users can make money selling items on Poshmark. There are many success stories of users selling items at a reasonable price, and some have even made six figures during their time on Poshmark.

Poshmark is home to online communities dedicated to clothing and brands that make it easier to sell items. Additionally, the Poshmark app provides an easy, safe, and secure way to transact with its in-app payment processing system, so users can easily buy items without having to leave the app.

Why You Should Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling clothing and accessories. So whether you’re looking to make extra cash on the side or make it a full-time business, Poshmark provides plenty of opportunities to connect with Poshmark buyers and build an income stream.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider selling on Poshmark:

Ease: Poshmark is easy to set up – you can quickly and easily create an account and list any items you want to sell to Poshmark users.
Reach: With such a broad base of Poshmark users, you can reach a large audience since Poshmark has millions of users, giving you access to a wide variety of potential customers.
Income: Selling on Poshmark can be a great way to make money, as you can make money by selling your items. Although Poshmark may take a cut from the sale, you will still have to get money via direct deposit and can make extra money from the platform.
Sustainability: Upcycling has become a new way to reduce some of the environmental burdens of clothing. There is greater demand for secondhand clothing at good price points as it is more environmentally friendly than purchasing new items.
Dedicated support: Selling on Poshmark means you don’t have to worry about shipping logistics or customer issues, as you can get support. Poshmark has a dedicated customer service team to help you with any issues you may have. Poshmark moderates return requests and have great customer service in case something goes wrong.

How to Sell on Poshmark

So now that we’ve covered what Poshmark is all about, it’s time to start thinking about selling on Poshmark and how to get started with your Poshmark closet.

1. Sign Up for a Poshmark account

The first step to starting with Poshmark is setting up your account and building out your Poshmark closet. You can download the Poshmark smartphone app on your phone or sign up via the website. You can create an account with your email address or social media.

2. List Your Items

Once your account is set up, you can start selling things right away. You can choose to focus on a specific category, such as beauty products or clothes, or sell various items. You can list items using the ‘sell’ tab at the bottom of the app, and it will take you to the listing page.

To list your items, you will need to take multiple images of the items from different angles and close-ups. You should also provide a short description of what the item is and its condition.

3. Promote Your Listings

Once your items are listed, it’s time to promote them. As a new seller, getting potential buyers can sometimes be challenging since your account is newer and does not have reviews. However, that’s why it’s essential to promote your listing.

Offer competitive listing prices that offer buyers a good deal over the original price of the item. Additionally, you can offer discounts such as bundle discounts if buyers purchase multiple items from you. You can also advertise price drop options, and discounted shipping.  You can also promote your listings on social media and other apps to encourage people to buy from you. For example, you can share your listing on the Poshmark feed or join events like Posh Parties for a brand or different types of items.

4. Manage your sales

Once someone purchases from your Poshmark account, you will receive a notification. Poshmark takes care of processing the order for Poshmark sellers and will provide a shipping label that you can print and stick on the package before sending it out to the seller. Poshmark has a partnership with UPS which includes rates for Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate, and Priority Regional Rate boxes and mailers.

You can use bubble wrap poly mailers to send items, or if there are multiple items, you can use small boxes. Once the item has been shipped and the seller marks it as delivered, you will receive your payment. Buyers will leave a review at the end, and the sale is closed.

5. Keep the momentum going and build your brand

After your first successful sale, you’re reading to start selling on Poshmark regularly. You can offer a bundle discount to encourage people to buy multiple items. Build your brand by providing great service, quick responses, and fast shipping. Engage with other users through the share listings features, and join Poshmark communities and Posh Parties where you can to gain more followers on your Poshmark account.

How to Sell Clothes on Poshmark

When selling clothes on Poshmark, there are a few extra tips to bear in mind. First, choose the right cover photo that shows the item at its best to make it stand out from the others.

Because clothing can fit so differently on people, it’s vital to ensure that your item description describes the fit (e.g., smaller than the size listed, true to size, or oversized) so that people can figure out if it will be the right fit for them. Also, describe the item’s condition, including whether there are any stains or issues the buyer should be aware of – after all, no one wants to buy dirty items!

Making your description as thorough as possible has many benefits as you sell on Poshmark. A detailed description can reduce the chances of the item not fitting when it arrives to buyers and reduce the likelihood of a negative review down the line since you have provided all the information upfront.

To improve your clothing listings even more, you can also include photos of you or a model wearing the clothing item so people can see how it fits different body types. Think of it as a balance between a Poshmark seller vs an Instagram influencer when you put up a new listing for clothing.

Aside from taking photos of the items (including close-ups), it also helps to ensure that your listing shows up in search results. For example, a good description for clothing, including color, brand, fit, and more, can help with search engine optimization – making it easier for users to find your listing.

What Brands Sell Best on Poshmark?

Many users like marketplace purchases from platforms such as Poshmark due to the amazing deals they get on the branded item. Branded items can be discovered via searching for listings or through Posh parties and are a solid way for sellers to gain more followers. In addition, sellers make more money when they can beat the item’s original price on their listing price and provide a shipping discount to help users get a great deal.

Some of the brands to consider selling on Poshmark include popular and in-demand brands, such as Nike and Adidas, as well as high-end designer items, such as Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacobs. Branded Poshmark items tend to sell fast, especially if the listing price is less than the original price. In addition, brands such as Anthropologie, Free People, and Coach also tend to sell on Poshmark fast.

Additionally, items such as rare vintage clothing, limited-edition sneakers, and designer handbags are all items that are likely to draw in buyers.

As a seller, you can get a good idea of what’s doing well based on what top sellers have in their close and looking at their item price when pricing your items. The same brand can have many different price points very differently, so researching pricing on the app is crucial.

Pros of Selling on the Poshmark App

There are many pros to selling on Poshmark

Convenient: Poshmark is a simple and user-friendly app that makes it easy to list items and find buyers.
Ship to customers: Unlike other platforms like a Facebook marketplace, there is no need to try to engineer a meeting in person to exchange items since Poshmark has shipping tools.
In-app payment: You don’t need to worry about meeting buyers in person and exchanging cash since there is an in-app payment, and you receive the money directly into your bank account.
Tax remittance: Figuring out taxes can be challenging, but luckily, Poshmark also pays sales tax on any marketplace purchases, which means you don’t have to worry.
Lots of buyers: Poshmark has a large user base, which means that the chances of your item selling are high
Environmentally friendly: Selling on Poshmark means that clothes get more life out of them rather than going to landfills or dumpsters, making it an eco-friendly solution

Cons of Selling on the Poshmark App

While there are definitely advantages to selling on Poshmark, it’s also important to bear in mind some of the cons of selling on Poshmark:

Commissions: While listing items is free on the app, Poshmark does take a cut from each sale
Pricing can be challenging: Between factoring in Poshmark fees and shipping costs, it can be difficult to arrive at a competitive price that still makes you money.
Competitive: Having a large user base means that it can be difficult for items to get discovered, so you will need to do some work on ensuring that your listings are easily found.
Optimizing for search: It can be challenging to have listings discovered, especially for newer accounts. That’s why Poshmark users just getting started with the platform need to ensure that listings are optimized for search results so that buyers can quickly find and purchase items. This requires a lot of research into what top sellers and other accounts are writing about similar items to ensure that your listings have the right key terms and words.

Poshmark Expenses to Consider

As we go through all the tips needed to be successful on Poshmark, there are some expenses associated with Poshmark that should be considered when selling the platform.

Supplies: You will need shipping supplies such as poly mailers, boxes, and other shipping tools such as tape and bubble wrap
Commission: Poshmark will take a percentage of each sale
Post office trips: Trips to and from your local post office will quickly add up, so factoring in that expense is crucial

How to Sell Fast on Poshmark – Tips

To make money on Poshmark, there are a few things that most sellers should pay attention to become successful sellers on the app. Here are some tips to make money on Poshmark.

Take good photos

The main tip for successful selling on Poshmark is to take good photos. The clearer the photos are, the more likely buyers are willing to purchase items. Take pictures from several different angles, and if you can, try on the clothing items you are selling or ask someone to model for you. Choose the best cover photo possible to make your item as attractive as possible.

Add clear descriptions to your listings

The other tool buyers are using for their purchase decision is the description. Good photos and clear descriptions tend to be the best way to sell clothes effectively and get great feedback. Ensure to include all the details, such as the brand, sizing, measurements, and whether it fits true to size, to help people make decisions.

Use the shipping label Poshmark provides

Do not try to use your own shipping methods. Poshmark provides a flat-rate shipping fee for buyers and automatically generates a shipping label when customers purchase. It’s important to use the shipping label so that buyers can track the package.

Add new items consistently

Adding new items and updating your store can help make money on Poshmark. New items and additions put you at the top of the buyer feed and keep customers returning to your shop.

Be responsive

Customers will likely ask questions or will send offers to negotiate the pricing of an item so they can save money. While your profile isn’t negatively affected if you reject offers, it is crucial to be responsive as that helps speed up sales and avoid bad customer service issues.

Use keywords so buyers can find exactly what they’re looking for

When customers are shopping on Poshmark, they are usually searching for items. So look at how other sellers structure their listings and try to emulate some of that. For example, you can use keywords within your descriptions to ensure that your listings come up when users search for items.

Source your inventory cheaply from thrift stores and wholesalers

If you’re not comfortable selling your own clothes or want to add inventory, you can use other sources such as thrift shops, wholesalers, and consignment shops. You can find great items such as name-brand shoes, clothes, and more from a consignment shop with high resale value. Look for what brands sell well on Poshmark and try to source those where possible.

Sell clothing at a fair price

To get more sales, it’s important to look at pricing when selling your own clothing. If you are able to offer a low price, the higher chances you have of having a sold item. Reasonable prices tend to attract more customers and can drive sales.

Use natural light

High-quality photos are an important part of creating your own boutique on Poshmark, so try to take good photos where possible. For a fast way to improve photos, use natural light when possible to ensure the items look good and are accurately represented.

Be honest

Honesty is a crucial part of being successful if you decide to sell on Poshmark. You must add details of damaged clothing and/or any flaws to the listing description. Don’t try to deceive buyers or sell counterfeit items.

Provide a shipping discount

Where possible, you can provide a discount on shipping to make the item more enticing for buyers through the Poshmark platform

The Bottom Line

Selling on Poshmark can be an effective way to develop another income stream and can be lucrative if you’re interested in selling clothes and accessories on the platform. However, getting your Poshmark closet up and running takes some time. You will also need to spend some time making sure your listings are easy to find and represent the items well.

How to Sell on Poshmark FAQs

Is it worth selling on Poshmark?

Selling on Poshmark can be a great way to make extra money and declutter your closet. Poshmark is an excellent marketplace to buy and sell new and gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories and make money from selling these types of items. In addition, it can be worth selling on Poshmark since you can easily upload photos, list items for sale, and set your own prices.

How much does the average Poshmark seller make?

The average amount of money a Poshmark seller makes will vary depending on how many items they have listed for sale, what prices they list their items for, and the number of things they sell – while factoring in Poshmark’s commission for each item.

Some Poshmark sellers make a few hundred dollars a month, whereas other Poshmark sellers make up to $1,000 a month or more selling items. Becoming a top seller can quickly boost that number as well. Many sellers also sell items on multiple platforms to increase their chances of getting users to see and buy them.

What is a Poshmark closet?

A Poshmark closet refers to each Poshmark account’s individual page where they share listings for their items. A Poshmark closet is connected to the Poshmark username and will display all of the users’ listings and reviews as buyers and sellers.

How many followers do you need on Poshmark to make money?

When it comes to making money on Poshmark, the more followers your Poshmark has, the better. Poshmark sellers with a large following tend to sell their items faster since more people see their listings. Of course, there is no exact number of followers needed to make money, but increasing your follower count on Poshmark should be a goal as you grow your Poshmark business.

Which items sell best on Poshmark?

Popular and in-demand brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and many others, tend to do well on Poshmark as these are brands that users are searching for. Additionally, fashion brands such as Free People and Anthropologie also sell well on Poshmark. Finally, Handbags from brands such as Coach will also sell well on Poshmark.

Other fast-selling items on Poshmark include vintage and limited-edition items such as sneakers and handbags. Items that are in pristine or new condition at a competitive and reasonable price will sell the best on Poshmark as that is most attractive to buyers.

How do you get paid through Poshmark?

Poshmark pays via two methods when a buyer purchases an item from your Poshmark closet: PayPal and direct deposit. Payments are sent within 3-5 business days after the buyer marks the item as ‘delivered’ by the buyer. To ensure that you are paid on time, setting up your preferred payment method in the app when setting up your account and getting your listings up is essential. You can also track and monitor payments within the Poshmark app using the Payments tab.

Who pays for shipping on Poshmark?

On Poshmark, buyers always pay for shipping. The cost of shipping is calculated by Poshmark automatically and usually includes a certain amount of weight within the shipping cost. Poshmark shipping options include USPS options such as Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate, and Priority Regional Rate boxes and mailers.

Sellers are responsible for packaging and sending the item to buyers and must mark the item as ‘shipped’ in the Poshmark app within three business days of making the sale. Poshmark includes in-app tracking for buyers and sellers to track the package and features for buyers to mark the item as ‘delivered.’

How do beginners sell on Poshmark?

Selling on Poshmark is easy for beginners and experienced sellers alike. Beginners can use Poshmark to make some extra cash by decluttering their closets. Beginners can get started selling on the Poshmark app by creating an account and setting up their Poshmark closet. Once the account is set up, beginners can start listing their items on Poshmark by posting photos of the item and providing a description of the item, size, and condition. When buyers purchase items, all sellers need to do is ship the items using Poshmark’s prepaid shipping labels within three business days of the sale. Once buyers mark it as delivered, beginners will receive the money for the item.

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