Gas Prices Rising as Mild Weather Drives Up Demand

After a sudden peak of gas prices that reached last week at $3.50 gas prices this week have modestly declined to $3.49 a gallon. The eight cents rise last week was attributed to rising demand for gas and higher global oil prices, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Mild Weather Drives Up Demand

According to AAA, the cost of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has climbed on average by 28 cents in the past month. The top 10 states that continue to see high gas prices include:

Hawaii – $4.935
California – $4.572
Washington – $4.134
Nevada – $3.993
Alaska – $3.797
Pennsylvania – $3.784
Colorado – $3.895
Oregon – $3.781
Illinois – $3.662
District of Columbia – $3.608

States with the least expensive gas prices across the nation include: Texas, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma saw a regular gallon of gas going for under $3.20.

“January’s weather was relatively mild in much of the nation, which led to more drivers hitting the road. However, a return of wintery conditions in February may see a revival of seasonal driving patterns,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson.

Diesel Prices Continue to Decline

According to AAA, the national average price for a gallon of diesel has dropped to $4.675 from last week’s $4.681 price tag. The current average gallon of diesel fuel remains 10 cents lower than a year ago.

Despite the drop in the prices of diesel a number of states are still feeling the pinch. Some 18 states have seen the price of diesel surpass the national average, with some states surpassing the $5 mark. These include:

Hawaii – $6.043
California – $5.729
Maine – $5.641
New York – $5.282
Pennsylvania – $5.105
Rhode Island – $5.087
Massachusetts – $5.085
New Hampshire – $5.088
Washington – $5.069
Vermont – $5.024

On the other hand, Oklahoma has the nation’s cheapest diesel retailing at $4.022 a gallon. Oklahoma is joined by Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, and Iowa with diesel selling for less than $4.30 a gallon.

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