eBay Introduces Verified Condition Program for Heavy Equipment Category

eBay is excited to announce the launch of Verified Condition, a new suite of offerings and protections that provides users with increased trust on their marketplace.

The heavy equipment industry has experienced rapid evolution in recent years, with surging demand, supply chain challenges, and a growing focus on used inventory due to production delays on new products.

As a result, buyers are increasingly turning to online solutions for greater selection, value, and convenience in purchasing used heavy equipment.

Eligible listings from bidadoo, eBay’s strategic partner with over 20 years of expertise in the heavy equipment sector, will now feature a Verified Condition checkmark.

This checkmark signifies that the equipment has been personally inspected by a bidadoo professional or authorized representative and that the listing includes a detailed, multi-point condition report and a five-star rating system. eBay’s Business Equipment Purchase Protections back purchases if the item arrives not as described, damaged, or malfunctioning.

Luci Yang, Senior Director, Business & Industrial at eBay, emphasizes that trust is crucial in the online buying experience, especially for high-value items.

The Verified Condition program represents an important step for eBay’s business and industrial customers, helping them find expertly-vetted inventory they can rely on. The program joins eBay Guaranteed Fit, Authenticity Guarantee, and the eBay Refurbished program to enhance user confidence on the marketplace.

As more buyers turn to e-commerce for heavy equipment needs, eBay is committed to making the buying and selling process on their platform seamless, easy, and robust. With sellers consistently adding equipment like skid steers, boom lifts, backhoes, and wheel loaders, buyers can access numerous Verified Condition-covered listings anytime, anywhere.

The Verified Condition program ensures buyers can easily discover and purchase equipment that meets strict quality standards and is backed by comprehensive coverage. In partnership with bidadoo, eBay is doubling its Business Equipment Purchase Protections to cover items up to $200,000 and up to 20 years old.

The program involves sourcing inventory from reputable dealers, manufacturers, and rental companies; inspecting the product by trained bidadoo team members; verifying condition through detailed reports; and allowing buyers to easily identify eligible items through the Verified Condition checkmark on listings.

Image: ebay

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