American Express Announces New Initiatives to Support A Low-Carbon Future

In honor of Earth Month, American Express has announced several innovative initiatives designed to support the transition to low-carbon communities and raise environmental awareness among its consumers and corporate clients. By expanding its Carbon Footprint Tool and introducing a digital pilot for U.S. Consumer and Small Business Card Members, the company aims to empower clients to make informed choices that promote sustainability. Additionally, American Express is reviving its popular “Shop with Purpose” Amex Offers and continuing to provide Green2Gether volunteer activities for its employees.

As a responsible corporate citizen, American Express has submitted near-term and long-term emissions reduction targets to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for validation by year-end. This submission reflects the company’s ambitious commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035, in line with the guidelines set by the SBTi. By introducing new digital tools and resources, American Express seeks to support its U.S. Consumer and Small Business Card Members and select Corporate clients in better understanding their estimated carbon footprints and taking meaningful steps towards a low-carbon future.

The company’s Carbon Footprint Tool, which is now available to select Corporate clients, offers insights into the environmental impact of corporate spending. The tool tracks estimated carbon emissions associated with spend across various categories, including air travel, ground transportation, hotel stays, food and beverage, and retail. By applying conversion factors and standards from various governmental and private organizations, the Carbon Footprint Tool provides companies with a comprehensive understanding of their carbon output. This valuable resource can be accessed when clients log in to Commercial Insights, a suite of tools offered to American Express’ largest Corporate clients.

To further engage its U.S. Consumer and Small Business Card Members in sustainability efforts, American Express has launched a pilot digital suite comprising several tools:

Amex Estimated Carbon Emissions Tracker: Developed in collaboration with the CoolClimate Network at the University of California, Berkeley, this tool analyzes Card Members’ spending and estimates the carbon emissions associated with their purchases.
Contribution Services for Carbon Removal Projects: In partnership with Cloverly, eligible U.S. Card Members can set up automatic monthly contributions ranging from $5 to $100. These contributions are used to support a portfolio of carbon removal projects that also benefit local communities, curated with assistance from Carbon Direct.
Carbon Reduction Insights: To help Card Members reduce their environmental impact, American Express provides tips and advice from Carbon Direct on ways to lessen the carbon footprint of everyday activities.

During Earth Month, American Express will once again offer a selection of “Shop with Purpose” Amex Offers to eligible U.S. Consumer and Small Business Card Members. These offers reward spending on eligible purchases from select Certified B Corporations™ and Climate Neutral Certified companies, encouraging sustainable consumer choices.

As part of the Green2Gether program, American Express colleagues around the world can volunteer and participate in colleague-led sustainability initiatives throughout Earth Month. Activities include volunteering with nonprofit partners, waste and energy reduction efforts, and promoting healthy food initiatives. American Express will also offer a second series of the Climate Change Master Class, co-hosted with Earthwatch, providing colleagues with insights into the impacts of climate change and actions they can take to mitigate its effects on a personal level.

To learn more about American Express’ approach to Corporate Sustainability and its ongoing efforts to support colleagues, customers, and communities, visit the company’s Corporate Sustainability website.

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