Amazon Beefs Up Counterfeit Prevention Efforts for Sellers

Amazon has released its third annual Brand Protection Report which describes how the company protects customers, brands and selling partners from counterfeit products.

The report explains Amazon’s strategy of combining industry-leading technology with experts who have been successful in preventing counterfeit activity. Amazon’s brand protection efforts have already resulted in more criminal referrals and industry partnerships than ever before.

A big part of Amazon’s strategy is to deter bad actors using machine learning-based detection and robust seller verification, including the ability to connect one-on-one with prospective sellers through video chat. Amazon has also expanded its adoption of brand protection tools  including automated protection technologies. This has led to the number of valid notices of infringement filed by brands in Brand Registry decreasing by over 35{5c94e41db43f1643af886a760ed785f3e6f3e4efec1ac57b512d948d7f011ae0}.

In addition, Amazon insist on holding counterfeiters accountable and dismantling the counterfeit organizations, with the company’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit suing or referring for investigation over 1,300 criminals from across the United States, United Kingdom, China and the European Union.

‘Evolving Technology’ and ‘Doubling Down’

Amazon’s Vice President of Worldwide Selling Partner Services, Dharmesh Mehta, used a statement on the Amazon Press website to express the company’s appreciation for industry-wide collaboration against counterfeit criminality, saying: “We take pride in the progress our organization has made this past year, specifically further evolving our technology to stay ahead of bad actors and doubling down on our criminal referral and litigation efforts.

“We’re appreciative of the growing industry-wide collaboration in this space, and look forward to continuing to innovate and work together to drive counterfeits to zero.”

Amazon’s brand protection strategy had a big impact last year, with its efforts helping to identify, seize and appropriately dispose of over six million counterfeit products throughout 2022. This prevented the fake products from reaching customers and being resold elsewhere in the global supply chain.

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