7 Places to Get Quilting Supplies for Your Business

Businesses that create handmade goods have steadily increased in popularity, with a loyal customer base that appreciates the care and quality that goes into these products. Many sewing experts offer handmade products such as quilts as they can be easily made in a sewing room with the right supplies. To help you get started with creating handmade quilts, we’ve found the best places to get quilting supplies for your business.

The Quilting Market in 2023

The market for quilted products has steadily grown, with many different types of patchwork patterns available, such as quilt blocks. Customers love quilts since they can be used in many different ways and are made with high-quality materials, which has led to growth in the market. A local quilt shop, whether online or brick-and-mortar, has the potential to succeed.

Top Places to Buy Quilt Supplies Online

You might need many types of supplies for quilting, including unique quilt patterns, quilting accessories, and functional tools like a sewing machine. We’ll go through some of the best places to purchase quilting supplies for your business.

1. Amazon

If you are looking for both quilting and business supplies, Amazon is the best place to go. The prices are competitive, and you can find a vast array of items all in one place. Plus, with Amazon’s fast shipping times, you’ll be able to start quilting in no time.

2. Etsy

Etsy is a great place to pick up certain types of quilting supplies, such as quilting notions or a distinctive quilt pattern. In addition, you can find all types of supplies for your next project, including more unique fabric options and other niche suppliers for quilters.

3. Quilt Supply Company

Quilt Supply Company is a popular choice for both beginners and more advanced quilters since they have pretty much everything you need for quilting. You’ll find quilt kits, notions, fabric, and storage, and organization options. So if you’re looking for beautiful fabric pieces and lots of supplies, this is the place for you.

4. Fat Quarter Shop

Fat Quarter Shop is not just for quilters; it’s for all kinds of fabric-based crafts, so you will find many great supplies here for your next project. Fat Quarter has all the quilting tools and supplies needed, from heavier fabrics to notions, patterns, and much more.

5. Quilter’s Warehouse

Online stores such as Quilter’s Warehouse will be the best option if you’re seeking quilting supplies in bulk. They have all the must-have supplies quilters love at great prices, and you can purchase these in larger quantities if needed. This includes quilt kits, fabrics, appliques, and more to create beautiful and unique quilts for your shop.

6. Missouri Star Quilt Co

You can find almost all the quilting supplies needed to create beautiful products at Missouri Star Quilt Co. This includes materials for stitching, different needle options, fabric, a sewing machine, precut fabrics, and other tools needed for a serious quilter.

7. Seaside Quilting Supplies

Seaside Quilting Supplies is a small business quilting supply company that offers curated products and supplies for all kinds of quilting. You can find fabrics, curated fabric bundles, quilt notions, and other tools needed for quilting that are handpicked for their quality.

Essential Quilting Supply

Whether you want to stitch a small quilt or a larger king-sized quilt, you will need some essential tools to create the best product possible. Let’s look at some of the most important tools a quilter needs:


The right fabric can make a quilt and enables you to get creative. You can choose heavier fabric or lighter cutting fabric to create patterns for hand quilting. But having a mixture of fabrics ensures that you have the freedom to create quilts of varying weights and sizes.

Fabric Scissors

The right pair of quilt fabric scissors is key to getting the neatest look possible. You can create neater designs with scissors and gain more control over the fabric and quilt itself. Cutting requires a lot of precision, but the end product looks amazing.


Having a few different kinds of quilting needles, including fine, thick, and hand-sewing needles, will give you more flexibility in creating your quilt. You can use needles and pins, including thin pins, to create a hand-sewn look and add different layers of fabric as needed.


When it comes to thread, having multiple options is always useful so you can match your fabric. You can sew thread and fabric together to create layers for the quilt and decide whether to add patterns or appliques using the thread. There are also thread accessories available if necessary.

Quilting Rulers

Using a quilting ruler can be beneficial for getting precise measurements and accurate cutting. A square ruler can be used to cut fabric cleanly without messing up the quilt top or design. Quilting rulers are useful to keep your quilt looking neat and beautiful by giving you the support you need to cut.

Quilt Notions

Quilt notions include items such as thread, applique notions, pins, bags and storage, and other accessories needed during the quilting process. Notions can vary depending on the types of products you are making, but there are a lot of options available,

Quilting Tools for Business

Once you have gained more experience with quilting, there are many other tools you can add to your sewing room to grow your business. We’ll explore all the quilting tools needed for your business.

Sewing Machines

If you are looking to expand out of hand-sewn quilts and explore machine quilting, a sewing machine is crucial. You can sew at a faster pace using more precise needle options and make unique products for your business.

Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters are an important tool for quilting to get precise cuttings, and it used to cut fabrics. You can create high-quality, professional-looking quilts using a rotary cutter and a quilting ruler.

Self-Healing Cutting Mats

A cutting mat is a double-sided mat with a smooth surface. The cutting mat has gridlines and angles to help you create your products. A cutting mat can be used with quilting tools like rotary cutters and quilting rulers to keep your workspace from being damaged as you cut fabric.

Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing machine needles give you greater flexibility to create heavy quilts and fabrics since they can be used with options such as wool. Sewing machine needles are made of steel and can withstand a lot, so you don’t need to worry about breaking them and can switch them out for different types of thicknesses.

Seam Rippers

You may need to rip seams out and start over when making quilts, and that is where a seam ripper comes in. You can find many options for a seam ripper, such as thin ones to rip out a thread or thicker ones to remove unwanted hems or seams.

Ironing Board

Once your quilt is created and ready to be sent off to customers, you can iron them to get the best possible look. An ironed quilt looks much better when it arrives to a customer and helps create a more professional impression. Having an iron and ironing board in your sewing room can be immensely useful to get the best look for your finished product.

What Are the Most Important Tools for Quilting?

There are many basic tools needed when creating your quilt. The best quilting tools are ones that help you get a neat look for your quilts, such as a rotary cutter for different types of fabric and quilting rulers.

Can You Quilt on a Regular Sewing Machine?

Yes, you can quilt using a regular sewing machine if you have the right quilting tools, including straight-line quilting and free-motion quilting. You will need different types of needles depending on what material you are using for the quilt.

What Kind of Fabric Is Best for Quilting?

There is a number of fabrics that can be used to make amazing quilts, and it will largely depend on the area you are based in and what kind of weather the quilt is being used for. For example, wool quilts are fabulous for colder regions and are more likely to be popular. However, lightweight quilts using materials like cotton may be better for hotter months.

What Are Quilting Notions?

Many types of quilt notions are available, as these are essential tools used in the quilting process. Quilt notions include various kinds of pins, needles, thread, and scissors. Other quilt notions have a seam ripper, an iron and ironing board, rulers, cutting mats, and rotary cutters.


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