6 Places to Get Jewelry Making Supplies for Your Business

    Jewelry is always a trendy option for a business as customers are always looking for unique items. Getting the best jewelry-making supplies for your business is crucial as it ensures that you create high-quality products and grow your business. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting the best jewelry supplies for your business.

    The Jewelry Industry in 2023

    With so many different types of makers out there, the jewelry industry as a whole is performing well. There are all kinds of jewelers out there, including costume jewelry, fine jewelry, polymer clay jewelry, and much more.

    With so much variety available in the industry, there is a lot of opportunity to offer distinctive styles, techniques, and more when operating your own jewelry business.


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    Top Places to Buy Jewelry Supplies Online

    There are many places where you can purchase jewelry supplies for your shop. Some vendors offer all the jewelry-making supplies needed from start to finish. Other vendors provide more specialized jewelry supplies that might be harder to find otherwise.

    Let’s look at some of the best places to purchase jewelry supplies.

    1. Amazon

    If you’re looking for all types of supplies for your jewelry business, Amazon is the top choice. As an Amazon customer, you’ll find everything you need on their online shop website, including charms, beads, metal options, chain options, and even a gift box for packaging the items.

    2. Etsy

    Etsy is useful for bulk supplies for findings such as a chain, charms, or beads. In addition, you can find many types of special, handmade supplies that can be used to create distinctive pieces that your customer base will love.

    3. AD Adornments

    AD Adornments offers customers a wide range of findings, including charms, clasps, chains, and other supplies, via her website. There are metals available, too, depending on needs, and it can be a great place to purchase unique jewelry supplies to create your products.

    4. Beadaholique

    Beadaholique is a niche option depending on what your customer wants from their jewelry. Beadaholique offers a wide range of beads, pendants, and charms to create a gorgeous product. Makers can also find silver and gold chains alongside their beads on their site. You can also sign up for their newsletter for additional discounts.

    5. CJS Sales

    CJS Sales is a wholesale jewelry supply company that has been n the business for many years. You can find more information on their site on wholesale practices, but the company offers vintage and contemporary jewelry supplies. Products include chains, rhinestones, stones, findings, filigrees, and beads.

    6. Ezel Findings

    With Ezel Findings, jewelry makers can find everything they need for their customers. Ezel Findings is a shop with excellent service and many resources to help you craft the best products. Materials include findings, beads, metal clasps, chains, and design ideas for future jewelry.


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    Essential Jewelry Supply

    Having the right materials is essential if you want to expand your business and offer more products on your site. To ensure you have a happy customer after each sale, here are some essential materials you need for your shop.


    When it comes to beads, the options are truly endless for your customers. You can create all kinds of jewelry using these materials, so it’s all about your own inspiration and what you want to offer. Some of the different types of bead options available include pearls, stones, plastic, and glass.


    Charms are larger objects used in jewelry and can be in different metal options, including gold and silver. You can find charms in shapes such as flowers, letter initials, nature elements, travel elements, and much more.


    If you’re looking to create unique pieces using stones, wire can be useful for products in your shop. You can use wire to create twisting types of pendants and earrings for your shop.


    When it comes to stones, there are several types to consider. You can get artificial, semi-precious, or precious stones depending on what type of products you want to offer in your shop.


    Strong chains are useful for your jewelry making as they can impact the customer experience if low quality. To make your products, you can find chains in different metal options, including silver, gold, rose gold, and more.


    Metals such as silver and gold are necessary for jewelry making, but getting the right quality is key. You can find artificial and real metals for your products from wholesalers and distributors.

    Jewelry-making Tools for Business

    As your jewelry shop grows, additional materials and findings will be needed to create your products, especially to ensure their quality. You can use many tools and resources to elevate the quality of your products and offer better customer service and experience. You can also find jewelry kits that include many of these supplies.


    Tools like pliers can be useful if you’re using metal in your business, such as wires or charms. Pliers help you manipulate the material and change its shape and form so you can make unique products using your supplies.


    Tweezers are useful for making delicate pieces using fragile stones, small beads, and more. Tweezers can be used to pick up the object and be more precise in its placement,


    A nice box and other packaging elements are essential for a jewelry business. You want customers to feel like they are getting a premium experience when purchasing your jewelry and the type of box the product arrives in makes a significant difference. You can find jewelry packaging inspiration online to help you design your own.


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    What Is the Best Website to Get Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies?

    Amazon is the best website to get wholesale beads and jewelry-making supplies. You can find a wide variety of items for your jewelry all in one place, and their customer service and shipping times make ordering from them easy.

    What Are the Best Jewelry Kits for a Small Business?

    A small business can use many great jewelry kits, such as the PP OPOUNT Jewelry Making Supplies Kit, which includes over one hundred components for jewelry makers.

    Is Making Jewelry a Profitable Business?

    Jewelry makers can run profitable businesses, and many have turned their shops into full-time careers. Jewelry-making can be beneficial depending on the type of supplies used and the time needed to make a piece. In addition, if makers can price their products competitively, they can make a profit relatively quickly.

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