25 Printable Bathroom Signs

Printable bathroom signs can help your company’s restroom stand out. There are a variety of options available, from standard public restroom signs to those sharing important instructions for visitors. Read on for a full selection of printable bathroom signs to use for your business.

Free Printable Bathroom Signs Vs Professional Bathroom Signs

A printable bathroom sign allows you to quickly download a digital file and print it on your own. Some files can even be customized, and you can add it to a frame that matches your decor. Professionally made printable bathroom signs are often higher quality than those available for free. And many of the products below cost just a few dollars to download.

The Benefits of Using a Printable Bathroom Sign

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your business bathroom, here are some reasons to consider printable bathroom signs:

Save money: Many printable bathroom signs cost just a few dollars to download. So you can decorate the wall space in your bathroom without spending a ton.
Match your decor: There’s a huge array of printables available for bathrooms. So you can easily select one that fits with the rest of your bathroom decor. Some can even be customized with different colors. Or you can add a unique frame to finish off the look.
Share important information: Lots of printables designed for bathrooms share useful information like reminders to wash hands or warnings about flushing certain items. These simple guidelines may save you money on bathroom repairs and maintenance.
Add personality to your space: There are also tons of funny and unique bathroom signs to post in your space, which can make your location memorable for visitors.

The Best Printable Bathroom Signs to Use

Top Pick: Printable unisex bathroom art
Runner Up: Bathroom definition wall art
Best Value: Vintage-style restroom art

1. Top Pick

This printable unisex bathroom art provides a classic sign for public restrooms at businesses. It’s a recognizable symbol that can be posted outside the door to guide visitors. It’s also available in a few different variations to match your specific preferences.

2. Runner Up

Another classic option, this bathroom definition wall art includes a short and funny definition of the word bathroom. It’s a classic design that can work with nearly any decor style.

3. Best Value

This farmhouse vintage-style restroom art is one of the most affordable printables available for download. It has a simple and humorous message that can work either on the inside or outside of a restroom.

4. Forgot Your Phone Wall Art

Pretty much everyone spends their time in the restroom on their phones these days. But for those who forget their device and want something to focus on, these funny signs offer word search and anagram puzzles that double as wall art.

5. Flush Only Toilet Paper Sign

This printable bathroom sign provides a helpful message for businesses with a septic system. The print includes a reminder to only flush certain items, which can prevent clogs and major damage to septic tanks. The design is fully editable and available in multiple colors.

6. Funny Restroom Sign

This funny restroom sign provides a humorous take on the classic restroom symbol, with both figures visibly having to pee.

7. Best Bathroom in the City Sign

This bathroom sign offers a parody of popular online review sites. It has a chalkboard look and several “reviews” from past visitors promoting the bathroom’s comfortable features.

8. Bathroom Prints Collection

This collection of bathroom prints offers several simple and funny pieces of art. So you can choose the ones that best suit your space, or mix and match to cover wall space throughout the bathroom.

9. Please Do Not Flush Sign

This bathroom printable keeps it simple while reminding visitors not to flush any unapproved items.

10. Hope Everything Comes Out Ok Funny Wall Art

This funny typographic sign includes a short message that can add some humor to your restroom.

11. Toilet Rules Sign

This toilet rules printable offers a few helpful reminders presented in a humorous way. It can make for a lighthearted addition to a bathroom interior.

12. Toiletry Basket Sign

This elegant printable sign is designed to let visitors know they can help themselves to anything in a bathroom’s complimentary toiletry basket. This is common for weddings and special events. But the sign can be edited to suit your business’s needs.

13. Look Before You Leave Sign

This simple bathroom sign is one of the top white bathroom printables available on Etsy. It provides a simple reminder for people to check the restroom before they exit.

14. Apothecary Bathroom Sign

This apothecary sign is the perfect vintage-inspired decor piece for a bathroom. It looks like an old advertising message for personal care products.

15. Restroom Checklist

This bathroom printable isn’t meant to decorate your space, but instead to provide a practical method for tracking cleaning tasks.

16. Restrooms Sign with Arrow

This classic restroom sign includes the word “restrooms” with an arrow to direct patrons.

17. Value Bundle Signs

This value bundle of printable signs includes options for a bathroom, vacation rental, and even laundry room printables.

18. Employees Must Wash Hands Sign

Many businesses, including those in the food service industry, are required to post signs notifying employees of proper hand-washing procedures. This print offers an awesome option.

19. Cute Bathroom Reminder Sign

This is one of the simplest printable bathroom signs available, featuring cute typography reminding patrons of a few basic instructions when using your restroom.

20. Bathroom Needs Attention Sign

This printable bathroom sign instructs visitors to let you know if the space needs attention, so you can provide a better overall experience.

21. Ew Wash Your Hands Sign

If you want to remind visitors to wash their hands in a lighthearted way, consider this humorous print.

22. Custom Quote Print

If you want to create a completely customized message for your business bathroom, consider this typographic sign that allows you to edit the words and select your own colors.

23. Zebra in Bathtub Print

If you’re looking for unique artwork to go along with your printable bathroom signs, this unique zebra print may make your space stand out.

24. Just Wash Your Hands Wall Art

This funny bathroom sign can help you direct people to your restroom, create a welcoming environment, and get a few laughs.

25. Bilingual Bathroom Sign

If you want to provide instructions for visitors in English and Spanish, this sign provides a clear and stylish option.

Final Words

If you’re looking for any new printable bathroom signs for your business, this post contains a wide array of awesome options. Save the ideas above to liven up your company’s restroom.


What is the Best Place to Buy a Printable Bathroom Sign?

Etsy has a wide array of printable bathroom signs available for purchase, including standard symbols, helpful reminders, and humorous bathroom signs. Check the list above for our top picks.

Are Printable bathroom Signs Hardwearing?

Printable bathroom signs are delivered as digital files, so you can print them on nearly any printable material you have access to. Most are just printed on paper or cardstock and then placed in a frame, which allows them to stand up to significant wear.

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