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The Green Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Motor Show is also known as the Salon International de l’Auto. Each year in March, auto aficionados, car makers, auto journalists, and just about everybody in the auto industry all trudge up to the city of Geneva in Switzerland. You see, this auto show is one of the largest gatherings of everybody in the industry.

For years, this auto show has showcased almost all kinds of vehicles and automobiles. It has also been the place wherein great vehicles have been unveiled. It has also become the venue for the boasting of automakers of tons of concept vehicles and production vehicles.

This year, it does look like the Geneva Auto Show has gone with what the auto industry is clamoring for and they are going to be dwelling on green vehicles, green techniques, and everything environment friendly that could be used in the industry. Konseling Online And journalists are saying that such can be because the auto makers themselves are making the move towards creating greener vehicles that would battle out the pollution issue that has been quite hot in the past few months.

It sure does look like the Geneva Auto Show is going green. In fact, at the days meant for the media, the organizers of the show did state that they would be looking into new vehicle models that are greener as well as looking into new green technologies. “This time we will have an environmental show in Geneva,” shares Willi Dietz. Dietz is an expert from the Nuertingen University of Germany and he looks into the trends going in the car industry. So most possibly, if a vehicle can be equipped with tail lights or catalytic converters that would not add to the pollution or the additional heat to the environment, most auto makers would be going for such.

What vehicles would possibly be joining in the show? It does look like the Toyota Motor Corporation would be joining in with its new concept car named the Hybrid X and this one is said to come using an electric motor and would be getting its power from a battery. Lowongan Kerja Honda would also be showing off a new concept vehicle that comes as a hybrid sports car. Daihatsu would also be showing of its environment friendly small car named the Cuore.