12 Printable Calendars

The beginning of a new year means busy times for businesses. Among other things, you must prepare an annual marketing plan to boost business.

Back in the day, most businesses included printable calendars in their list of promotional assets. Thanks to digitalization, calendars have experienced a sharp decline in popularity. But does that mean you should also disregard calendars when you create your marketing strategy?

Benefits of a Printable Calendar in 2023

Digital tools may have dented the popularity of printable calendars, but one cannot overlook their practical benefits. Moreover, as businesses shy away from printing calendars as giveaways for customers and partners, the novelty of receiving one is more special.

Brand awareness all through the year: Branded calendars act as the centerpiece to boost awareness all through the year. That’s because a printable calendar is not useful for just a short period.
Practical benefits: Not everyone may need a branded coffee mug, but you can be sure your audience is always going to need to check upcoming federal holidays. Unlike other promotional tools that may or may not serve their purpose, printable calendars are useful for all kinds of customers. Whether they want to keep daily notes or reminders … Read More

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10 Signs Your Business Has Outgrown Its SaaS Vendor

As your business grows, it’s important to regularly assess whether your current software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor is meeting your needs. Some factors you can evaluate periodically are whether the vendor is able to scale with your business, provide necessary features and offer the level of support that you require — and if the answer is “no,” it may be time to move on to a new provider.

To help you understand whether you’ve outgrown your current SaaS vendor, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) members answered the following question:

“What’s one sign that can help you determine whether or not your business has outgrown a particular SaaS vendor, and what should you do once you make this determination?”

Here’s what YEC community members had to say.

1. The Software No Longer Meets Your Business’s Needs

“Evaluate if the software and services meet your current needs and will be able to scale with your growth. If you’ve outgrown them, research new vendors, compare features and pricing and plan a smooth transition to minimize disruptions. Dig deeper for the total cost of ownership — it isn’t just the ticket price. Add up implementation, data migration, legal and training and other costs associated … Read More

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Up to $2 Million in Grants Available for Dairy Businesses, Child Care Centers, and More

Certain small business grant programs are available to various types of companies in a specific area. Others target businesses in a specific industry. This week, grant opportunities launched specifically to help dairy businesses and child care providers. And even more programs are available to support businesses of any industry. Read about these recent small business grant updates below.

Fresno State Dairy Grants

Fresno State is offering grants to dairies and creameries throughout Central California. The program is part of a recent initiative the school started after receiving $23 million in funding from the USDA. About half of those funds must be distributed as grants, and the other half can be used to provide consulting and training to dairy businesses. The goal is to help dairies and creameries diversify their products by creating new options like choose and yogurt. Grants can be for up to $2 million and February 28 is the deadline to apply.

Missouri Child Care Innovation Start-Up Grants

Missouri is providing grants to child care providers and those looking to start daycare businesses across the state. Businesses and child care centers must work with community partners to increase access to child care throughout the community. Grants also require … Read More

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Get the Best of Zoho at Zoholics 2023: Jersey City

Spend two days at Zoholics 2023 so you can learn how to work smarter with Zoho experts to get insider tips. You will also get complimentary 1-on-1 with technical staff to better learn the tools from Zoho. According to Zoho, the goal is to make Zoholics the most informative and down-to-earth software conference you’ve ever been to.

From small guided group discussions to a sneak peek of new products and getting your questions answered, you will know more about Zoho than ever after this event.

Click on the red button and register to attend Zoholics 2023 on Apr 26 – 27, 2023 at 07:30 AM (EDT) in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Featured Events, Contests and Awards

Zoholics: Pleasanton, CA
April 20, 2023, Pleasanton, CA

Zoho’s flagship user conference returns with our most customer-focused experience to date. Spend two days learning how to work smarter from Zoho experts and connecting with fellow customers in an intimate and friendly environment. Our goal is to make Zoholics the most informative and down-to-earth software conference you’ve ever been to. Register today!

BrandSmart 2023
April 27, 2023, Chicago, IL

Successful brands are able to cope with unforeseen challenges and seize opportunities for transformation, … Read More

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