15 Places to Get Art Painting Supplies for Your Business

If you plan to start a creative business, you’ll likely need some art supplies to create your products. The exact paints and other supplies you need will vary widely based on the preferences of each artist and what type of products you offer in your shop. Here are some of the top places to source various supplies for your painting projects and artwork.

The 15 Best Places to Source Fine Art Supplies

From acrylics to watercolors, there are tons of painting supplies and art tools available online. Check out the shops below and perform a specific search for your favorite brands and types of supplies to boost your artwork and creative business.

 1. Amazon

Amazon offers a bit of everything in the art supplies category. Many products are available at low prices and with fast, free shipping. Whether you need to replenish your selection of watercolors or shop for specific art tools, you can find various brands and even sort by price or set your default list to just show products available with Prime shipping.

2. Etsy

Etsy is full of art supplies from top brands, independent art companies, and resellers. The marketplace site makes it easy to find unique paints and painting supplies from new brands. Some sellers even offer bulk paints and overflow products they no longer need for their own projects at highly discounted rates.

3. Blick

Blick is a chain of art stores with locations around the company, as well as a fully stocked online shop. This may be an ideal option for those who prefer to shop for acrylics, watercolor paints, and other supplies in person. Then once you know the specific brands and tools you need for each product, you can easily go online to replenish your supplies.

4. Utrecht

Utrecht is another art supplies brand. The company was acquired by Blick back in 2013. But it still offers various painting and art supplies online. You can find specialty products for everything from printmaking to office supplies.

5. CheapJoes

If you’re looking for highly affordable art supplies, check out Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. The online shop offers various discounted supplies for painting, drawing, and other art projects. You can search by product type, brand, or price. And the company even offers art workshops and special promotions.

6. Jerry’s Artarama

Jerry’s Artarama is an online store that offers professional art supplies and materials from top brands in the industry. In addition to the option to search by brand or type of paint or tools, artists can build a color library and save favorite products to purchase over and over.

7. U.S. Art Supply

U.S. Art Supply is an online shop that carries a wide array of paints, paper, and other supplies for artists. You can shop for brands, categories, and bundles, or even join the brand’s rewards program to save on ongoing purchases.

8. Arteza

Arteza offers premium art supplies for a variety of projects, from watercolor paintings and drawings to crafts. You can browse best sellers, shop by category, or even get inspired by the brand’s online resources for artists.

9. Michael’s

Michael’s offers art and craft supplies both online and in stores. Painting is just one popular category at this chain, so you might not find quite as much variety in this niche as you would in some other shops. However, they do carry a variety of acrylics, oil paint, and painting surfaces alongside more supplies for crafting.

10. Walmart

Walmart is another major retailer that sells more than just art supplies. Though it’s not a specialized retailer, there are many benefits of shopping with Walmart, including access to a huge variety of products, low prices, and fast shipping.

11. Mister Art

Mister Art is an online art and craft supply shop with a huge array of professional products. You can browse or search and complete a one-time purchase. Or you can join as a member and get access to exclusive discounts and discover new art supplies right away.

12. ArtSuppliesOnline.com

ArtSuppliesOnline.com offers discounts on art supplies for those looking to buy in bulk. You can find everything from acrylics to colored pencils. They even carry tools and materials like canvas boards and brushes.

13. Artist & Craftsman Supply

Artist & Craftsman Supply is an employee-owned shop that sells various drawing and painting materials. You can browse each popular category, join the community, and even shop at local stores to stock your studio with high-quality materials.

14. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a peer-to-peer shopping experience that may include certain art supplies from nearby sellers. Buyers and sellers have to arrange sales themselves. So this is often reserved for those buying artist materials in bulk or anyone looking for larger tools like oversized canvases. But there are plenty of deals available and you only need a Facebook account to get started.

15. eBay

eBay is an online marketplace site. So sellers offer products directly to other consumers. This means the art materials offered may not be consistent. But you can find unique products, discounted options, and specialty products if you’re willing to search.

Places to Get Art Painting Supplies FAQs

Should My Business Buy Paint Supplies Online?

Yes, there are plenty of benefits to shopping online for paint and more supplies. Many brands offer a larger selection online, and you can often get free shipping if you buy products in bulk or spend over a certain amount. Some artists also prefer shopping in person to find their preferred products, then they set up accounts with online retailers to replenish their supplies.

What Supplies do Art Painters Need?

Each painter may require different materials depending on their style and the specific type of project they’re working on. However, most generally require their paint of choice (watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, etc.), brushes, and a canvas or other surface. Other supplies include varnish, paint palettes, rags, and water.

Will Buying the Finest Art Materials Benefit my Business?

The quality of the art materials you buy can directly impact the satisfaction of your buyers, so it is often worthwhile to purchase professional paints and tools. However, this may depend on your current goals and skill level. Those just starting out and practicing their art may save money while improving their skills and gradually invest in more quality supplies over time.

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