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How To Reduce Snoring

Aging, genetics, congestion, and obesity are some of the reasons why people may snore. Family members and spouses may have a hard time sleeping when one of the family members snores when they sleep. Some of the challenges that snoring can bring to a relationship is when a spouse has to move out of a room in order to get more sleep because they are unable to sleep due to a snoring partner.

Using devices, changing lifestyles, and using medical means are some of the ways in which people can be able to stop snoring. Some of the devices that one can use to stop snoring include chin straps, mouthpieces, and CPAP machines. By using a mouthpiece that is designed to one’s mouth specifications, one can be able to stop the blockage of the airways through the tongue and this device is available when one visits a dentist. One can also wear a mask overnight and the mask will blow air into one’s mouth and this kind of machine is called a CPAP machine.

People who snore when their mouth is open can use chin straps to keep their mouth shut and they will breathe through their nose and this works to prevent snoring. Devices may be uncomfortable to use at first but they can be useful to help other members in the family to get quality sleep. Another way to stop snoring is by using holistic methods and these methods use essential oils which include fenugreek, peppermint, eucalyptus, and goldenseal. By dealing with the congestion of the nose, chest, and throat, these holistic remedies prevent snoring. These essential oils can be applied or taken as drinks. By taking vitamin C, one can be able to have a strong immune system which will prevent congestion.

Changing one’s lifestyle can also stop one’s snoring such as quitting smoking, quitting drinking and doing exercises.

By losing the fat that is around the neck and face, one can get more space for air to flow and this will prevent snoring. People who have swollen tonsils may snore and the only way to stop snoring is removing them through surgery. One can solve the snoring problem by having the soft tissue at the back of the throat and nose removed because it prevents airflow which leads to snoring.

Another surgical procedure that can be carried out to stop snoring is reducing the size of the uvula which is at the back of the mouth which prevents airflow. Surgical procedures to stop snoring should only be used when all other methods have failed. Through the use of some of the methods that are listed here, a person can try out these techniques to see which ones are suitable for them.