Talking Biz News Today – Dec 24, 2020

Talking Biz News Today – Dec 24, 2020

Some of Thursday’s top business news stories:

Associated Press

Some businesses thrived, many lagged during pandemic in 2020

Consumer spending drops 0.4%, first decline since April, by Martin Crutsinger


Nikola and Republic Services scrap their electric garbage truck, by Chauncey Alcorn

SEC sues Ripple and two executives for selling XRP crypto: A $1.3 billion securities fraud, by Anneken Tappe

The Wall Street Journal

Agriculture Industry Bets on Carbon as a New Cash Crop, by Jacob Bunge

Restaurants Brace for Tough Winter After Congress Spurns Cash Grants, by Heather Haddon, Richard Rubin, Amara Omeokwe


The U.S. has vaccinated just 1 million people out of a goal of 20 million for December, by Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

Space holding company Voyager to acquire Nanoracks, which added an airlock to the space station, by Michael Sheetz


U.S. faces risk of government shutdown as Trump balks at COVID-19 relief deal, by Andy Sullivan, Steve Holland

Pfizer, U.S. strike 100 million COVID-19 vaccine deal with 70 million due by June, by Ankur Banerjee, Vishwadha Chandler

News about business journalism

How The Information built a business on scoops and deep dives

Fake Smithfield CEO appears on Fox Business

LA Times: Bartiromo losing the respect of other journalists

What happened to Maria Bartiromo?