Media and tech editor Stenberg departs Adweek

Media and tech editor Stenberg departs Adweek

Josh Sternberg

Josh Sternberg is a media professional with 20 years experience across a variety of roles in the industry. Most recently, Sternberg was the media and tech editor at Adweek, overseeing a team of 8 reporters (also did a stint running the brand desk).

He set editorial strategy, assigning news/analysis/feature/enterprise stories around how media and tech companies operate, while also building and programming some of the company’s industry-leading events, like its ad-tech focused Nextech. During his tenure at Adweek, Sternberg hired about a dozen reporters and introduced several newsroom projects and products that were both engaging for the reader and sellable for the company’s ad sales teams.

An experienced editor and leader, he’s looking to find a newsroom role that lets him put his team in a position to be successful. Bonus: a daughter in Girl Scouts, so, you know, cookies!

You can follow him on Twitter and he’ll be more than happy to give references. Or at the very least, talk about Phish.