Automotive News Europe editor has been quarantined

Automotive News Europe editor has been quarantined

Jason Stein, the publisher of Automotive News, writes that its editor in Europe has been quarantined after covering the coronavirus pandemic.

Stein writes, “It was just three weeks ago in a small town in northern Italy where our Luca Ciferri, associate publisher and editor of Automotive News Europe, first wrote about an expanding presence of COVID-19.

“There was a theme to what Ciferri was hearing in Italy, the second-hardest-hit region of the globe after China.

“The virus was ‘coming from Milan,’ Ciferri wrote to me on WhatsApp, and Milan ‘is the common origin of infections in Switzerland and Germany.’

“It was Wednesday, Feb. 26.

“Ciferri, who is now quarantined, was one of the first to caution us on the spread of the new coronavirus beyond China. It was moving quickly.”

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