Bond fans ask for No Time to Die delay due to coronavirus

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The founders of two of the most popular James Bond fan sites are asking the studios behind the next Bond film to delay its release due to coronovirus. No Time to Die is due for release on 3 April but fans have asked for it to be held back to the summer “when experts expect the epidemic to have peaked”. The open letter is from the founders of MI6 Confidential and The James Bond Dossier, James Page and David Leigh. “It is time to put public health above marketing release schedules.” The letter, titled No Time for Indecision, continued: “With…

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Examining the culture within Bloomberg News

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Al HuntNicole Einbinder and Dakin Campbell of Business Insider write about the culture within the Bloomberg News editorial operations.Einbinder and Campbell write, “Few names came up in Business Insider’s conversations with employees more than Al Hunt, Bloomberg News’ former Washington editor and one of the organization’s most visible faces in politics until his 2018 exit. Hunt’s behavior was at issue in numerous human resources complaints and at least two financial settlements, according to people with knowledge of the complaints and settlements.“Hunt joined Bloomberg in 2005, while Mike Bloomberg was New York City mayor, after nearly four decades as a reporter…

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