4.8 million jobs return in June

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Some 4.8 million jobs were added in the U.S. in June but worry remains it would not be enough to restart the economy.Lucia Mutikani from Reuters wrote:The U.S. economy created jobs at a record clip in June as more restaurants and bars reopened, but 31.5 million Americans were collecting unemployment checks in the middle of the month, and a resurgence in COVID-19 cases suggested the labor market could suffer a setback in July.Record spikes in new coronavirus infections in large parts of the country, including Arizona and the highly-populated states of California, Florida and Texas, have forced several jurisdictions to…

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Mitchell to depart WRAL after nine years

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Mandy MitchellMandy Mitchell, enterprise news reporter at WRAL, will be departing the station after nine years. She joined WRAL in 2011 as a sports reporter and anchor.She tweets:“Today is my last day at WRAL. I am leaving the TV business to start a new journey. Thank you so much for watching and for letting me tell your stories over the past 9 years. It’s been a privilege!”Previously, Mitchell was a spots anchor at WIS-TV and before that, she was a sports reporter at WPDE. In addition, she has also served as newscast videotape editor at WPEC-TV CBS 12 News.Mitchell is…

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Wyoming paper hires Willmon as editor

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Mysti WillmonMysti Willmon has joined the Kemmerer Gazette as an editor. She says:“I’ve had an interesting journey that has led to newspaper work. When I first started college, I was going to get a literature degree and thought I would like to work in the publishing business as I am an avid reader. I own 300 books and I usually read 40 to 50 books a year. But I discovered I loved writing just as much as reading. I have been editing friends’ papers since the 8th grade and loved doing it. I started taking journalism classes and loved them,…

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Impact focus for next-gen women

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Business News spoke to three young women from WA who are illustrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z. The growth of Western Australia’s startup culture during the past decade has empowered a fresh generation of young business hopefuls to forge new pathways. While some of WA’s best-known business leaders started ventures in past decades painting houses, transporting chemicals or selling land, in 2020 the focus is on technology and sustainability. Three Perth sisters are among those to embrace the opportunities, having created the National Treasures app, a mobile game founded in 2018 that leads users on an adventure through the…

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Why RIA Intel has been successful

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Greg Bartalos, the editor of RIA Intel, a website from Institutional Investor, writes about the reason for its success as it turns one year old.Bartalos writes, “Over several weeks and interviews, pressure built as I struggled to find a reporter. I was admittedly extremely picky but, given that RIA Intel was a new publication (and small operation), this hire would play a critical role in determining the website’s success.“Then, as if beamed down by a “Star Trek” transporter, Michael Thrasher suddenly materialized. When we met in Midtown Manhattan, he was brimming with energy, great story ideas, and a winning attitude. By all…

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Perth home values fall | Business News

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The latest CoreLogic Home Value Index recorded a drop in home values across each of the country’s five largest capital cities from the end of May to June 30.   Perth and Melbourne recorded the largest declines (1.1 per cent), while the indices for Hobart, Canberra and Darwin each recorded a subtle rise in values over the month.Despite values being down in June, CoreLogic’s estimate of home sales in June was up a further 29.5 per cent following a revised “surge” in sales activity during May driven by real estate agent activity, which CoreLogic said was now tracking higher than the…

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WSJ is now capitalizing Black

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The Wall Street Journal editor for standards and ethics Emma Moody sent out the following on Monday:The Wall Street Journal, as part of an A-to-Z review of its stylebook that began last year, now uppercases Black, and will use the adjective as the default reference to people and descendants of the Black African diaspora, rather than the less-precise African-American, when race is relevant in an article (Black person, Black literature, etc.) African-American remains acceptable in names of organizations and for people who state a preference for that term. The decision to capitalize Black recognizes the primacy of a racial, cultural and ethnic identity of American descendants of people who were…

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Is plaster the new toilet roll? Lockdown DIY binge exhaust UK supplies

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The nation has triggered its own DIY SOS with an “extreme” home improvement binge during lockdown, triggering shortages of paving slabs, fence panels and even bags of plaster and cement. While some Britons turned to baking sourdough loaves and banana bread, others have been tackling much delayed DIY projects, ranging from mending fences to laying patios and skimming walls. “I wouldn’t quite say plaster is the toilet roll of the building materials industry, but it’s probably not far off,” said John Newcomb, chief executive of the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF). “I don’t know where it’s all going, but it is…

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Indictment alleges writer paid to promote a bitcoin

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A federal indictment alleges that a disgraced lobbyist paid a writer to promote a bitcoin in publications such as Investor’s Business Daily, reports Will Sommer of The Daily Beast.Sommer reports, “Much of the SEC complaint focuses on articles that appeared to have been written by Peter J. Ferrara, a senior fellow at the conservative Heartland Institute. Prosecutors allege that Abramoff and Andrade paid for positive articles in 2017 and 2018 that match the description of articles Ferrara wrote about AML Bitcoin for The American Spectator, Investor’s Business Daily, and the Washington Times.“In 2017, for example, SEC lawyers allege that Abramoff and Andrade paid a writer to…

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IoT News – Soracom Connectivity Now Powers Two Million IoT Devices Worldwide

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Powerful IoT Connectivity Tools Drive 100% Growth Year-Over-Year.Soracom, Inc., a global provider of smart connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced today that its Soracom Air wireless data service now connects over two million IoT devices around the world.Soracom’s developer-friendly, pay-as-you-go wireless connectivity is designed specifically for IoT, with built-in network management, powerful cloud integration, and advanced security provisions. Soracom was founded in 2015 and has offered IoT connectivity worldwide since 2017.Soracom announced its first 1 million connections in June of 2019. Since then, use of Soracom’s secure, scalable connectivity has doubled for the third year in a row…

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BuzzFeed fires senior tech/business reporter Broderick for plagairism

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BuzzFeed News has fired a senior reporter it says plagiarized or misattributed information in at least 11 of his articles, reports J. Clara Chan of The Wrap.Chan reports, “The reporter, Ryan Broderick, was the author of 11 articles linked in a Friday evening note to readers from BuzzFeed News’ editor in chief, Mark Schoofs, who said the articles in question contained information and phrases that were not properly attributed to their original sources. (Schoofs’ note did not explicitly name Broderick or address whether he had been fired.)“‘It is BuzzFeed News’ policy that nothing may be copied, pasted, and passed off as one’s own work,…

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Google to launch news service licensing “high-quality” journalism

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Google has announced that it will be launching a rival news service to Apple News, reports Business Insider.The new news service, would allow Google to curate and license a number of articles from news partners and the company has already signed deals with a number of publishers in Germany, Brazil, and Australia.This will also allow the tech giant to ringfence who it’s paying for news.Google’s VP of product for news Brad Bender wrote in a blog post:“Today, we are announcing a licensing program to pay publishers for high-quality content for a new news experience launching later this year.“Where available, Google…

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Motley Fool hires Zitkus for health care and cannabis team

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Olivia ZitkusOlivia Zitkus will be joining The Motley Fool as a content strategist on the health care and cannabis team.Her new role begins in two weeks.Along with her new role, Zitkus is also a term trustee at The Hill School. She has also served as an intern at Christie’s New York headquarters, working primarily with the Museum Services department.In addition, she has also interned at Turner Carroll Gallery and at World Bank Group. She also held the post of teaching fellow at Breakthrough Collaborative and worked as sales associate at Rally House.Zitkus earned her bachelor’s degree from University of North…

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Gyms and swimming pools ‘could reopen in July’

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Swimming pools and gyms in England could reopen in July, the business secretary has announced as it emerged that drinkers who fail to socially distance in pubs could be fined by the police. Alok Sharma said he hoped that leisure centres and indoor gyms would be able to reopen later next month as the government published hundreds of pages of guidance before reopening big sectors of the economy on July 4. The bulk of England’s hospitality, leisure and tourism industries will be able to restart from July 4 as the coronavirus infection rate continues to fall. Pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and…

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Financial Times names Platt U.S. markets editor

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Eric PlattEric Platt, U.S. mergers and acquisitions correspondent at the Financial Times, has taken over as U.S. markets editor at the organization.Platt will be working with U.S. capital markets reporter Joe Rennison, markets reporter covering U.S. rates, FX and Latam Colby Smith and U.S. capital markets correspondent Richard Henderson.He was also U.S. capital markets correspondent and a founding reporter on fastFT, the FT’s breaking news team, before becoming M&A correspondent.Previously, Platt was deputy editor, global markets forum at Thomson Reuters. Before that, he held the post of reporter at Business Insider. He has also worked as a freelance reporter and…

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